Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Media Constructs

From American Thinker...

Tiger, Barack, And The Law Of Transitivity

Food for thought.


Brooke said...

Two words: Malignant Narcissism.

Especially in the 'good boy' image the two have cultivated, I am not at all shocked to hear of Tiger's escapades... I'm just waiting for Obama to be caught, a la Clinton.

cube said...

I'm not defending Tiger's behavior in any way, but at least he has a world class talent t go with the world class ego.

BO has the same ego, but where's the talent? I sure don't see it.

Time will tell if the stories swirling around BO's days in Chicago are true. Where there's smoke...

Anonymous said...

Most men are ill equiped to resist the temptation provided by beautiful, and available, women. Couple this with huge numbers of them, who are attracted to successful people, wherever they go, and you begin to appreciate the difference between a disciplined man and a horn dog.

Obama is not likely to be the former. Time may not tell but FOX News might :)

Take care Cube,


Chuck said...

"10 tips Obama can take from Tiger"

Can his timing be any worse?

jan said...

I love the last line of the article:
the impulse of the betrayed is to tear their fallen deities to shreds. It explains so much

John Rudolph said...

I thought this was a photoshop but apparently not.

I liked Brooke's statement - malignant narcissism.

cube said...

QQ: I agree. Rich and powerful
men (and carpenters) have gaggles of groupies throwing themselves at them. The temptation must be hard to resist, yet, not everyone is as indiscreet as Tiger either.

I hear you about Obama. He doesn't strike me as the disciplined type, but he is married to MO... yikes, she could break that string bean in half.

cube said...

Chuck: Heheh. The timing was terrible, but the magazine couldn't be pulled in time.

Jan: It is a good line.

Look at BO's dropping approval ratings:

See them drop. Drop. Drop. Drop.

John Rudolph: It's real as rain.

cube said...

John Rudolph: I have since learned that it was a Photoshopped photo, but it is the true cover of Golf Digest.

cube said...

I'm hearing it's up to #14 now. I'm not sure the count is over yet, but it does look like Tiger has a problem.

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