Monday, April 04, 2011


Seriously, why does Lindsay Graham run as a Republican and why do Republicans continue to vote him into the Senate?

RE: Lindsay Graham And The First Amendment

In my eyes, he has gone from being soft on immigration (Lindsay Gramnesty) to sacrificing our free speech rights in favor of appeasing islamofacists (Lindsay Grappeasor). OK, that doesn't have as nice a ring but you get the drift.

Term limits sound better with every passing day.


Teresa said...

RINO Graham is a dhimmi and most certainly not a friend to the Constitution or those of us who believe in the Constitution. The man needs to be voted out in his next election. We need to coordinate an "attack of the Graham" and expose all his RINO ways.

Chuck said...

I say we toss his butt in 2014

Always On Watch said...

A dhimmi supreme.

He's aiding and supporting the enemy with his comments!

Patrick Carroll said...

Sounds like this bloke is just another contributor to the downfall of the GOP.

cube said...

Teresa: Graham talks big about the Constitution, but sometimes his actions belie the talk. His argument that because we are at war now, we should watch what we say or do as they did during WWII. I may be wrong, but back then the admonitions were to watch what you said that might help the enemy. There was nothing about speech against the enemy. There's a difference.

cube said...

Chuck: I agree. I've had my fill of his shenanigans.

Always On Watch: Yes, and he's not shy about opening his yap and going to the MSM at every possible opportunity.

Patrick Carroll: Graham certainly isn't helping the GOP with his liberal/progressive statements.

Speedy G said...

I don't think you give Lindsay credit for the things he actually has done. He took on the job of straightening out the military trials at Gitmo (when Bush needed a policy that could actually work and the Courts had turned against us), and thanks to Graham, Eric Holder isn't talking about trying al Qaeda maniacs in NYC courtrooms anymore, he'll be doing it in Cuba where it SHOULD happen.

Now yes, he's gone "wierd" on a lot of social issues lately, but I suspect that he's now having a hard time distinguishing laws that need to be applied to terrorists from those that need to be applied to US citizens. It's one hell of a hugely difficult grey area.