Thursday, October 06, 2011

Charles Napier 1936 - 2011

Actor Charles Napier Dies At Age 75

You many not know his name, but I'm sure you recognize his face from countless TV and movie appearances over the years.

For the Trekkies, he played Adam in TOS:The Way To Eden.

Hey, there, brother.

RIP, Mr Napier.


silly rabbit said...

Oh I had not heard that he passed away! You are right, I didn't recognize his name, but that face I do know well. I enjoyed many, many hours of his entertainment talent.
I guess the passing of Mr Jobs has sort of taken over our news here.

cube said...

Yeah, I was very saddened by Jobs' passing myself. I wonder what marvels our world is not going to see because this visionary man's life was cut short. I also knew that, rightly, his passing was getting extensive publicity.

I just wanted Charles Napier's passing to get a little mention even if only on my meager

Jan said...

What a great face and a recognizable one. I went to your link to see where I had seen him before. I don't remember as a Trekkie, but I have seen him in all of the films mentioned.

cube said...

Jan: He played Adam in TOS: The Way To Eden... the one with the space hippies.

My sisters and I still laugh over this episode. It wasn't one of their best, but it was certainly memorable in our eyes.

Leticia said...

Yep, he was on Star Trek, and forgive me, but his singing got on my nerves! Not one of my favorite episodes, but I tolerated it. Spock's brain still takes first place, ha!

He was a good actor and I pray he is resting in peace.

cube said...

Leticia: I heartily agree that this was one silly Star Trek episode. My sisters and I have long joked about it and will sometimes sing the song from this silly episode... OK, after a few drinks, but it is always a good time.

Spock's Brain is bad, but so is "Turnabout Intruder." One episode which sticks in my craw.

Brooke said...

Oh! I did recognize his face... I think he's been in a movie spoofed by MST3K.


Leticia said...

Oh yes! The acting was umm...interesting, lol!

silly rabbit said...

Its a wonderful tribute to him that we do recognize his face and it brings us happy memories!

Jill said...

Its a wonderful tribute to him that we do recognize his face and it brings us happy memories!