Friday, December 02, 2011


Angel Yulee Adams is 37 years old and has 15 children from 3 fathers. This case, an ongoing drama here in Tampa, has now gone national...

Someone's Got To Take Responsibility

The writer, Thomas Lifson, writes that no civilization can survive if an attitude like this becomes widespread.

I think it already has.


silly rabbit said...

This is what happens when we have generational dependence. With mom spouting this junk, the kiddos will never understand what its like to take pride in paying your own way, or knowing that you really can support yourself. They will always take for granted that they don't have to be responsible.

Leticia said...

Unbelievable. Someone talk to this woman about self-control and birth control!

It's her own stupidity and irresponsibility that has placed her in this position. I am sorry, I wouldn't help her, but I would find a way to place her kids in decent homes.

"Somebody needs to be held accountable and needs to pay!"

Really? Tax payers should not be RESPONSIBLE for her own ignorance and loose and promiscuous lifestyle.

What a friggn' dumba**.

Jan said...

I am impressed that there are dozens of people in Florida trying to help those poor helpless children.

I think the best thing they can do is to remove them from the deranged mother so they might have a chance at life. She is too stupid to breathe.

Chuck said...

I saw this but my internet was acting up so I did not watch it. I agree, I think we are nearly already there.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Ever heard of the Duggers?

oh yeah - that's right

it's ok because they are white -

and 'Christian.'

these maniacs have TWENTY little

i never heard you complain about them - cube

Granny Annie said...

For what it is worth, every one of those children looked healthy and well cared for. They were not malnourished or dirty. The children should be the only concern. Doesn't the mother receive a support check from the state for each child? I don't know how it works.

I did not know that the Duggers were on government assistance. In that case they should be called to accountability as well.

Yes the woman is right...someone needs to be held accountable and that someone should be her and should include the fathers most definitely. Why aren't they in jail for non-support? Or are they paying support? Lots and lots of questions left unanswered on this one.

Always On Watch said...

Okay. I'm going to be blunt.

The taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for a slut's screwing parties.

There. I've said it.

Brooke said...

Sue: Racist.

The Duggars take care of their own children, they aren't on the taxpayer dole DEMANDING that someone else care for the children while they breed indiscriminately. And just in case you've been living under a rock, the harpies on The View have been screeching about her for weeks now. All but one of the women on that panel are leftists.

This woman with 15 kids is their 'mother.' It's HER JOB to be responsible.

I WOULD NOT DONATE ONE SCRAP to her because of her indignant attitude. Not one iota of gratitude, just, "That's IT?!?"


sue hanes said...

Cube - Good one.

But the fact is the Duggers are just a bunch of overs*xed Christian rabbits.

They are too lazy to use birth control so they keep pumping them out and blaming God.

It's not His fault.

It's because they are 'Christian'

And probably Conservative Christians - the worse kind.

small narrowminded Republican Conservative Christians - that give us REAl Christians a bad name.

btw cube - don't forget to stop by later and check out my Christmas Cookie post.

Surely a really smart Scientist like you can find an anylytycal
recipe to fit into your little housewife life.

lol and lyl

Brooke said...

That was quite possibly one of the most racist and intolerant comments I have read in quite awhile, and I've heard a lot from Ducky, John Brown, ect around these parts.

Also, do you even know to whom you are responding?

Brooke said...

Oh, and misogynist, too.

Congrats on your intolerance!

birdwoman said...

oh my gosh. This is hideous. "Somebody's got to pay for all these kids!"

She obviously does not suffer from low self esteem.


birdwoman said...

Cube you sure do get some interesting commenters here. I'm sorry, but I'm about to blast one of them.

Umm... sue... anyone is welcome to have as many sprogs as they want so long as they don't ask me to pay for them. And the duggars, no matter how horrifying I find the situation, are completely self sufficient. Or at least they were back when I blogged about them around kid 15 or so.

To imply that someone is bad or unworthy because they are "conservative christians" is absolutely revolting. And then to plug for your "christmas cookies"... was that irony? Yes, some conservative christians are not people I'd want to hang with, but I've known some that are the best. You need to tone down the hate rhetoric, friend.


sue hanes said...

cube - I saw a trailer on tv tonight for the movie called The Woman With The Dragon Tattoo.

Wasn't that a book by Steigs Larrsson(sp) - the author that you mentioned that you like.

btw cube - one of your commenters is attacking me - are you going to let her get away with that?


maybe I should put myself on my no hit list :}

sue hanes said...

and I don't recall ever saying anything bad about her...

I thought this was a fair and open blog - maybe I was wrong.

Brooke said...


Typical response: Waaaaa! It's not fair that someone disagrees with me!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

shhhhhhhhhh we mustnt criticize for fear of being called racist! pathetic is this!

dmarks said...

Sue said: "it's ok because they are white"

Why are you being a racist?

sue hanes said...

dmarks - 'why are you being a racist'

i dunno - because somebody's gotta do it

it's not my fault - i guess i've just been hanging around you people too long

Jay Noel said...

Wow. That video made me sick, literally.

Sue - you are dim witted. Truly. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If you're going to put any kind of opinions out there, be prepared to get both praise and attacked.

And there is a fundamental difference between the Duggars and this woman. The Duggars aren't demanding government assistance. They are taking care of their own.

This woman is a baby factory, who has kids from at least 3 different fathers. And she's pissed at "the system."

That's the only difference, in my mind, that matters. Not their religion, skin color, or whatever.

sue hanes said...

jay noel - I must have missed the praise part.

: )


sue hanes said...

Jay - Is a dimwit the same as an
*sshat? Cause that's what I was called about 2 years ago on another blog. But hey I don't mind because blogging is great but sometimes people just like to engage in namecalling - not that there's anything wrong with it.

sue hanes said...

JN - You been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder?

Cause he uses that 'bottom of my heart' thing from time to time -

only Stevie Wonder is one of the good ones.

Z said...


Not the story, sadly.. this is typical these days and, yes, this IS the new American way of thinking. NOTHING anyone can do can be considered wrong or immoral or inappropriate. And we must keep paying them for it, too.

cube said...

Since October 2004, The Blog has been run according to my conservative values, but I have made it a point to allow differing points of view in the comments.

I don't censor a comment unless it is profane.

Everything else stands on its merits and every man, woman, and child is on his own.

I welcome a lively debate and I hope you do too.

sue hanes said...

and so is cube

cube said...

Sue, what does that mean?

sue hanes said...

Cube - I knew in the back of my mind when I wrote that - you might not get it. I should be more carful about that.

It refers to my comment directed to Jay Noel - that Stevie Wonder is one of the good ones -

and I said:

and so is Cube


Brooke said...

"it's not my fault - i guess i've just been hanging around you people too long"

I just love it. It's YOUR FAULT that I'm a stone-cold racist.

So, Sue is so very impressionable and weak-willed and frankly, mentally ill that she can 'see' racism (that isn't even there) in a single comment, (or perhaps just infer it because she is reading a conservative site, and after all, the left says that all conservatives are racist once they're done praising Byrd and trying to turn Lincoln into a Democrat) and then have her entire life-view turned into a hateful, vitriolic ideology.

That's really quite sad. Or, Sue could admit that she was being hateful and sarcastic and didn't really mean that she thinks conservatives are racist and that she has been somehow brainwashed.

sue hanes said...

Brooke - I admit it.

I was being hateful and sarcastic.

I didn't really mean that Conservatives are racist.

I have somehow been brainwashed.

sue hanes said...

But - Brooke -

i still think you people have your head up your *ss

Anonymous said...

sue hanes, could you tell the audience who brainwashed you and why you're so very hateful to people and treat them lousy and then act like you are the one who has been slighted?
I am surprised people let you blog anymore.

Brooke said...

Anon: Exactly.

Sue, what do you mean by 'you people'?!? That sounds like a pretty wide generalization!

Whom exactly are you demonizing?

sue hanes said...

Brooke - Republicans

or I guess - Conservatives

sue hanes said...

anonymous -

'I'm surprised people let you blog anymore.'

That statement completely blows my mind - anon.

What people?

Who can stop anyone from blogging?

Brooke said...

Every blog owner can moderate who comments at their site. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Who can stop anyone from blogging?

sue hanes? After all was said to you in my comment you wonder only about this? this says a lot, I think.

Kelly said...

anonymous - 'I'm surprised people let you blog anymore.' That statement completely blows my mind - anon. What people? Who can stop anyone from blogging?

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