Monday, March 12, 2012

Shed Of The Year

No, not my two sheds, although I wouldn't be upset over getting a prize for more than one shed ;-)

Shed Of The Year

Anyway, where does your shed rate?


Jan said...

I wrote a story a while ago about a local shed builder and was amazed at the way people used his sheds. Some were actually used for storage, but many were for quite creative purposes.

Trekkie4Ever said...

My shed needs to be torn down and burned, lol!! Seriously, even the raccoon's have abandoned it.

sue hanes said...

Cube - That was fun - I Really liked three or four of those little sheds - a couple of them I could have done without.

But it's nice to see People making something good out of the ordinarly little things.

Thanks - Cube.

Chuck said...

I tore down a couple of horse stalls in my barn and I am using the wood to make my wife a potting shed/greenhouse.

Brooke said...

My shed has a huge hole in the back.


Always On Watch said...

I have two sheds; the larger one is a stick-build structure, painted red and white like a barn.

Both of my sheds are crammed so full that I can't find a damn thing in either one.

I also have a "little house." You guessed it! Packed full!

So, why do I have so much stuff? Well, really, I don't. Mr. AOW was a mechanic, so we have lots of tools (which I need to get rid of now that he can no longer work on cars). But the biggest problem here is that my main house is so very small. No storage space! Built by a man, of course, and he didn't "believe in" closets.

sue hanes said...

Chuck - That is cool - a greenhouse.

I never would have said that before - but I actually think I would enjoy having some kind of samll greenhouse - where I could work with plants..

I don't talk to my plants - though.

I just don't have that type of relationship with them.

silly rabbit said...

What a fun tour! I love the creativity put into these. I've long wanted a little writer's shack. Just enough room for a small wood stove and cozy office space... with a comfy chair for daydreaming.
Maybe I need to show this to the man and see what happens.

sue hanes said...

sr - Do you write other than blogging?

Like novels?

cube said...

Jan: Different strokes for different folks. I love the creativity. Sadly, our sheds are used only for storage.

Leticia: lol. Ours just need to be de-cluttered. They are stuffed to the gills.

Sue Hanes: Glad you liked the post. I find it satisfying to once in a while take a break from politics.

cube said...

Chuck: Great idea. Reusing the wood will make her potting shed/greenhouse extra special.

As a wedding gift, my husband's uncle, a master carpenter, bought some wood from Old Sturbridge Village and, using his lathe, crafted two beautful lamps for us. His uncle has passed, but after nearly 30 years, those lamps are still very prominent in our living room.

Brooke: Oh no! Our sheds are roach central without holes. Enough of those buggers can squeeze into tiny gaps at the door. Let's just say I hate to go into the sheds.

cube said...

Always On Watch: Your sheds sound as stuffed as mine. Mr. Cube will clean them out occasionally, but the stuff just manages to reaccumulate. Could it be breeding? ;-)

And I hear you about the closet space. My house is one of those older houses lacking in the prodigious closet spaces of the newer homes. Too bad because it is a very comfortable house otherwise.

cube said...

Sue Hanes: I have a black thumb so the less I say to my plants, the better they feel.

My girls call me a cat charmer, a dog charmer, a baby charmer, but as far as plants go, I'm a serial killer.

Silly Rabbit: Oh, that sounds like a wonderful place to hang out and get away from everything for a while. Quiet me time... ahhh.