Friday, June 29, 2012

Shatman Drops Trou

Shatner Drops Pants At LA Airport

Hmmm... about 40 years too late for me ;-)


AnnoyingJoe said...

I...don't understand. Why.....wasn't he wearing a belt?

silly rabbit said...

lol! Great choice of pictures for this one. I'm guessing that the guy who called him out of line so that he could get his autograph didn't ask once the trousers dropped.

cube said...

Annoying Joe: Hee hee. It was... a long flight... and he didn't... want to be bound ;-)

Silly Rabbit: lol. No autograph for you! I rarely wear a belt and my shorts/pants/skirts have never dropped. Just how loose were they?
Pajama bottoms?

Jan said...

One of everyone's worst nightmares. That and having raggy underwear at the time.

silly rabbit said...

True... I've often gone without belts and never had to worry about my pants falling off. I'm still giggling 9 hours later.

Hope Debby is leaving your and yours alone and the rain has stopped falling.

Leticia said...

That must have been so difficult and humiliating, but knowing Shatner, he'll laugh it off later on.

And when traveling in our SUV to visit family, I wear lose clothing, who wants tight pants and shirts on a long drive or flight? Comfort comes first.

Shame it had to happen in front of a lot of people, but it will pass.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Hadn't heard about that one.
I know you wished ya coulda been there. : ]

I'm glad I wasn't.

Hope your weekend was great!

sue hanes said...

P.S. We had a wonderful storm last night which brought us much needed rain. I only hope it's not too late.

Hail, even. Now it's hot AND humid.

Did you send it up to us? I hope things are better for you in Florida.

Z said...

I guess one could say he was really in a "BIND" anyway!

Brooke said...

HAHAHAAAA!!! I think the Shat is just messing with us now!