Friday, September 21, 2012

Crescent Descent

From yesterday's Day By Day Cartoon by Chris Muir:

I think every magazine and newspaper in the world should publish more cartoons such as the one above.

What are the moslems going to do... kill everybody?


Jan said...

Yes, but just think of how many apologies the administration would have to issue along with their explanations of the concept of free speech.

cube said...

Appeasement doesn't work... the sooner they realize that, the sooner they'll save some taxpayer dollars that they can give to some non-taxpaying person in the US.

Re: free speech... it's only free if they agree with it.

DaBlade said...

Let's roll. I'm tired of these thugs and killers treading on us. We have owed them a debt since 1979 with compound interest.

Chuck said...

What are the moslems going to do... kill everybody?

Actually you make a pretty valid point. If the world would stop kowtowing to them and grow a pair, they would be at a loss for what to do. In reality, the apologists put us in danger IMHO.

Teresa said...

Unfortunately this administration is clueless when it comes to grasping the concept of free speech.

I think offend Islam day should be every day. The world seems okay with offend Christians day being pretty much every day. So I am all for equality of offending someone.

cube said...

DaBlade: I'm there. Ahhh, the wonder of compound interest.

cube said...

Chuck: The apologists aid the moslems and weaken the West.

Teresa: I don't know if they're clueless about free speech so much as they're disdainful of any speech that doesn't agree with their point of view.

Brooke said...

Islam should be beaten to a bloody pulp under the hammer of satire!

Great cartoon!

Leticia said...

If Muslims see this cartoon all hell will break loose again. They lack tolerance and self-control.

And will try to behead the creator.

Vile people.