Saturday, August 08, 2015

Fools And Dunces

I very much enjoyed a book entitled, "A Confederancy Of Dunces." In it, foolishness was harmless fun. Not so much in this...

The Flipancy Of Fools

God help us all.


messymimi said...

Heaven help us, indeed, especially if voters do not open their eyes before the next election.

cube said...

I think we have reached the tipping point. There are too many low information (lofo) voters out there. Our side doesn't stand a chance.

jan said...

The fate of the world seems to be in the hands of junior high mentality people.

Paul Pietrangelo said...

I'm not sure what to believe mainly because I'm an Canadian and I have enough problems in my country with our politicians but I often wondered, if both sides ( Republicans and Democrats )would get together and stop bickering and try to work together for the American people. They are the ones ( the people ) that they should be working for instead of trying to beat each other. Maybe I don't truly understand American politics.
Have a beautiful Sunday Cube. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

( Canadian )

cube said...

Jan: I'm not channeling junior high... I'm thinking big, fat nasty Chicongo thugs and who they think will help them in the future.

cube said...

Paul Pietrangelo: I totally believe what you say is the way it should be, but it's never going to happen. US politics are complex and, at some levels, corrupt. Some might say that we're doomed to live whomever we elect.

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