Saturday, February 27, 2016

Live Long And Prosper

One year ago today, Leonard Nimoy, who played Star Fleet officer Mister Spock, passed. I can't think of a better tribute than to pass these wonderfully Vulcan quotes today:

10 Spock Quotes That Took Us Where No One Has Gone Before

I can't believe it's been a year :(


At February 27, 2016 1:14 AM, Blogger LL said...

I love Star Trek.

At February 27, 2016 10:16 AM, Blogger cube said...

Me, too, but only since September 9, 1966 :)

At February 27, 2016 10:42 AM, Blogger Jan said...

I'm passing the link to my kids, huge Star Trekkies and anything sci-fi.

At February 27, 2016 11:09 AM, Blogger cube said...

Jan: If they're Trekkies, they probably know every one of them, especially if they're Spock fans like me.

Shatner is in his mid-eighties and I'm thinking Trek thoughts today. Kirk had many great quotes that I like to use, but one of my favorites is, "Second star to the right and straight on til morning."

Then there's, ""

At February 27, 2016 11:29 AM, Blogger Sandee said...

He was my favorite of all the characters on the show. Most logical.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

At February 27, 2016 11:55 AM, Blogger cube said...

Sandee: My first TV crush was Captain Kirk. As the series progressed, I realized that Kirk couldn't be faithful and that Spock was a more logical choice. I was a little girl, but I wasn't dumb.

At February 27, 2016 8:21 PM, Blogger messymimi said...

A year is too long.

At February 28, 2016 7:27 PM, Blogger Kid said...

Spock was the perfect contrast character to humans and human situations. Leonard was the perfect Spock.

At March 02, 2016 12:40 PM, Blogger cube said...

Messymimi: I can't believe it's been that long.

At March 02, 2016 12:43 PM, Blogger cube said...

Kid: That triumvirate of characters has often been referred to as the id, the ego, and the superego. They played off each other perfectly.


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