Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Say What?


EXCLUSIVE: Missing: FBI Files Linking Hillary Clinton To The 'Suicide' Of White House Counsel Vince Foster Have Vanished From The National Archives.

Was Sandy Berger in the house?


Sandee said...

Did her really kill himself or did he have help. Seems you go against this witch and you end up dead. She's evil to the core. Bill is a walk in the park compared to her.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jan said...

That Vince Foster "suicide" thing just seemed to fade away with so many unanswered questions like the cattle futures and so many other mysteries.

cube said...

Sandee: You're right about Bill being easier to deal with because he would triangulate with the Republicans. Hillary is an ideologue and she won't deal. Period. With Hillary we're looking at doubling down on Obama stupid and that's not a good thing.

LL said...

It was a suicide...in the park...but despite using metal detectors and so forth, no bullet was ever found. The speculation was that he was killed somewhere else and the body was dumped in the park. The fact that the records of Vince Foster's suicide vanished is not surprising.

I'm sure that suicides of Clinton enemies will become even more numerous should she be elected. It's the remorse, you see, of not loving Big Mother, that drives people to kill themselves. Usually by shooting themselves in the back or hacking themselves to death with an axe. It happens. Don't say that it doesn't. There rarely is a note. In the case of Foster, one was found something like 10 days after his death, when people started asking pointed questions.

messymimi said...

None of this should come as a shock, and it doesn't. That's the worst part.