Thursday, September 15, 2016

Deplorable Me

Love, love, love it.


At September 15, 2016 10:38 AM, Blogger Sandee said...

I'm in that basket too. I'm with some mighty fine folks too.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

At September 15, 2016 11:43 AM, Blogger Jan said...

On the back it should say "unredeemable."

At September 15, 2016 2:29 PM, Blogger cube said...

Sandee: I feel right at home in that basket myself.

At September 15, 2016 2:30 PM, Blogger cube said...

Jan: I'd buy one. Has anyone ever told you you're a marketing genius?

At September 15, 2016 6:58 PM, Blogger messymimi said...

All of my children need one!

At September 15, 2016 10:50 PM, Blogger Kid said...

I'm more deplorable than you but likely not more adorable.

At September 19, 2016 7:51 PM, Blogger Z said...

That is TERRIFIC...I like being among other adorable deplorables :-)

CUBE: I GOT A CAT AGAIN, by the way! My nearly-98 yr old friend badgered me about getting a cat since Mr. Z died...and I kept saying "No"....she got a new cat last year, a gorgeous Siamese. Well, she finally had a short illness and died about six weeks ago...and I have the cat. She got her way :-) And I am SO glad...!! She used to say "Blue is HEAVENLY" and she really IS! (Big BLUE eyes in a chocolate brown face...I call her BLUES now for the music I loove..

At September 24, 2016 7:04 AM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Where am I going and why am I in this hand basket?

Send me a shirt. Love it!


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