Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rumor Has It!

I was crushed when Rumor came in second last year at the Westminster Dog Show and then retired.

A German Shepherd Won The Westminster Dog Show For Only The Second Time In 141 Years

This year she made quite the comeback. Good for you, beautiful girl.


At February 15, 2017 12:25 PM, Blogger Jan said...

She just has that star quality that all champions have.

At February 15, 2017 12:52 PM, Blogger messymimi said...

Congratulations to Rumor! She's lovely.

At February 15, 2017 1:05 PM, Blogger cube said...

Jan: Yes, she does. I have to take about 47 pictures to get my dog to even look at look at the camera much less give that adorable head tilt. I also saw clips of how Mia, the Beagle, became very popular with the crowds thanks to her antics during the agility test. So cute.

At February 15, 2017 1:15 PM, Blogger cube said...

Messymimi: Rumor is a beautiful dog. We love German Shepherds. Here's our Elke and our Dax . They're not dog show material, but are prize winners in our eyes.

At February 15, 2017 2:09 PM, Blogger Sandee said...

She's a beautiful and talented girl.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

At February 15, 2017 6:08 PM, Blogger cube said...

Sandee: Yes, she is a beauty. I love the German Shepherd breed, but I don't like what they've done with it.

At February 15, 2017 9:03 PM, Blogger Kid said...

Wonderful dogs.

At February 16, 2017 6:04 AM, Blogger DaBlade said...

I didn't know GSDs followed commands :) Rumor kinda looks like our Koda (center), except for the missing tooth, tattered right ear and bloodshot eyes. Koda is more of a scrapper.

At February 16, 2017 11:38 AM, Blogger cube said...

Kid: I love the breed, but the hip dysplasia is a horrible thing to witness. I tell my husband that our next dog should be a mutt. He's not in agreement.

At February 16, 2017 11:46 AM, Blogger cube said...

DaBlade: They're all beautiful, but I'm partial to Koda.

At February 16, 2017 3:43 PM, Blogger The Happy Whisk said...

Pretty pup.

At February 16, 2017 4:17 PM, Blogger cube said...

The Happy Whisk: She is a beauty, isn't she?

At February 16, 2017 6:35 PM, Blogger Kid said...

Mutts are the healthiest compared to pure breds but small dogs are more prone to having spine/spinal chord problems. Our beagle had a piece of hard calcium? buildup break off a disc and get into the spine next to the spinal chord. He is in a wheelchair. Friends have Corgi's and one of those had to have surgery for the same condition but he recovered. I like Labs a lot. Our last we had a long time and no hip problems. But you're likely to outlive them regardless. Never ends well but it's worth it I think.

At February 16, 2017 9:57 PM, Blogger cube said...

Kid: I didn't know that much about the dangers of little dogs. I had a Chihuahua about 45 years ago and she didn't live but eight years. Broke my heart when she passed. Big or small, they never live long enough and their passing leaves tracks in our lives that we never forget.

At February 16, 2017 10:00 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

I didn't get to see it this year, just the recap on he news. Saw a beautiful white German Shepard today. Everyone said "ooooh" as they saw him!

At February 16, 2017 10:48 PM, Blogger cube said...

Snaggle Tooth: I didn't see it either, but like you said, I just caught the recaps on the news. Had I known it was on, I would've watched. One of the people who comments here has two, count 'em two, white German Shepherds. It's a few comments up and his name is DaBlade. They're beautiful dogs, but I'm prejudiced over the black and tan ones.

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