Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday, Again?

Sorry about my light posting, but its been a rough three weeks around here. Mondays don't help.


At May 22, 2017 2:42 PM, Blogger Granny Annie said...

Sorry things are tough. Just know that someday you will retire and leave it all behind. I love retirement!!!

At May 22, 2017 2:42 PM, Blogger Jan said...

I hope your dad and all the humans and animals in your family are ok

At May 22, 2017 2:49 PM, Blogger cube said...

Grannie Annie: It's to early for me to retire now, but I'm looking forward to a life of leisure.

At May 22, 2017 3:02 PM, Blogger cube said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At May 22, 2017 3:13 PM, Blogger cube said...

Jan: I wish it weren't so, but my Dad passed away on May 8th after a long stay in ICU. We siblings have been scrambling to meet our mother's needs in the interim. I speak with her everyday and I always ask her what she needs and, in addition, I always ask what do you want? She never wants to bother us with any requests, so we have to cajole her into finding out what she needs and what she really wants. We know its been a very tough time for her to lose her life partner, but we're going to have a heck of a time getting our mother to help us getting her passed all of this. Thank goodness I have my siblings to help.

At May 22, 2017 3:43 PM, Blogger The Happy Whisk said...

Sorry you're having a rough go.

At May 22, 2017 4:10 PM, Blogger Sandee said...

I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of things. It's hard to lose a parent. I so remember.

Have a blessed Awww Monday. ♥♥♥

At May 22, 2017 5:09 PM, Blogger cube said...

The Happy Whisk: Thank you for that. We all appreciate your kind words.

At May 22, 2017 5:13 PM, Blogger cube said...

Sandee: Thank you. At this point, we're just making our Mom comfortable... just trying to take care of what she needs. From what you've told me, you know the drill. I'm a newbie right now.

At May 22, 2017 6:02 PM, Blogger messymimi said...

Right now, i wish i could see you in person and give you a big hug.

At May 22, 2017 7:12 PM, Blogger cube said...

Messymimi: That is so sweet You know what, I've never met you but from what I've heard of you, I wish I could give you a big old hug back. Yes, I do because I believe you're a very kind-hearted woman.

At May 23, 2017 7:12 AM, Blogger DaBlade said...

Very sorry for your loss. Thank goodness you have family and friends to circle the wagons and support each other through difficult times like these.

At May 23, 2017 12:03 PM, Blogger Kathe W. said...

my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Big hugs!

At May 23, 2017 1:35 PM, Blogger cube said...

DaBlade: Thank you. It certainly helps to have family & friends around you when you hit a hard bump in the road that life has a tendency to throw your way.

At May 23, 2017 1:35 PM, Blogger cube said...

Kathe W.: Thank you for your kind words and your hugs.

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