Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Support Squirrel?

Clearwater Beach, Florida Man Facing Eviction Over Emotional Support Squirrel

Simple. This man should tell the condo association that Brutis, his emotional support squirrel, identifies as a dog.


LL said...

What's with the Nazi HOA's in Florida? They want people to take down American flags, they are angered at displays of patriotism, and now a pet squirrel has been targeted. Who are these people who run the HOA's? My sense is that many of them need to get laid more often. Or is that too much of a graphic comment for a family blog?

cube said...

LL: It's a power trip. One of my husband's pet peeves is the disdain for children evident at some of these adult (mostly seniors) communities. They complain to the HOA about the noise caused by grandchildren during their 20 minute visits every three months. At my brother-in-law's house they allowed only certain colors for your curtains!

Today they come for your pet, tomorrow it's the camps for you.

Jan said...

Since it's Florida it could be a support alligator or other creepy animal...

Sandee said...

What a shame. What matters here. Good grief.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

Jan: You say that as though there's something wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

Well, animals tend to be less creepy than many humans. The reason being that they are genuine. Sad truth. I agree with Sandee, too.

Anonymous said...

P.S. How does one follow you??

cube said...

Annie: Animals can be tricksters but never for the evil purposes that humans use for their sometime nefarious ways. A case in point is the previous seagull post.

cube said...

Annie: I've been blogging since 2004 and I still don't know how someone follows me. I sometimes think why... ;)

messymimi said...

It was my impression that if he gets a letter from his doctor, it all comes under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and they have to let him keep it. Then again, we had a pet squirrel and i vowed never again, so i don't get wanting it to begin with. Don't get me wrong, they are great creatures, but outside where they belong.

cube said...

Messymimi: There is a link for the letter from the doctor. There is no letterhead, just an ink stamp, and it's from a PhD with no specialty listed. Despite that, I think if the guy wants to keep it, he should be held under the same rules as any other person with a pet. You are responsible for any damages.

Kid said...

First off, I love the story about his pet squirrel. He saved her. She's domesticated.

Secondly, I will Never live in an HOA area. The people that run those things are A$$holes.

I've been buying and living in houses for 50 years. I've never had a problem selling one for at least what I paid for it. In fact, it's been decades since I've seen a 50 foot CB radio tower or junk cars on blocks in someone's front yard and I can cut my own grass. When I can't I'll be dead.

Kid said...

LL, It probably is sexual tension. Problem is they're not working on male sex robots, only female sex robots.

Kid said...

PS - A friend of ours is a 67 yr old lady, very feisty. Her dad brought their family here from Lebanon at a young age, so she has a sense of the rest of the world. Lives in a condo HOA. She has an American flag taped to the inside of her window. Some A$$hole complained or the bitch that manages the HOA noticed it and sent her a letter to take it down along with a bill for a fine for having it up.

She marched down there and told the bitch she was lucky to be living in the greatest country in the world and there was no way in hell her flag for Her country was coming down and that the bitch could shove her bill for the fine up her a, because she was never going to pay it.

She says so far so good.

Honestly it is time to divorce the libtards. Let them live in their leper colonies wondering how they are going to eat tomorrow.

cube said...

Kid: Wow, talk about prolific. A coffee IV?

I agree about this man and his squirrel. He should be allowed to keep his pet as long as he agrees to pay for any damages to the rental unit in the same way as any other pet owner would.

I wouldn't live anywhere that has a HOA either. I could never sign a contract signing away my rights to how I live in my house.

cube said...

Kid: Since you addressed the sexual tension response to LL, I'll let him handle that part of your comment.

Personally, I think the lunatic HOA behavior stems from people who feel insignificant in their own lives and, once in a position to wield power over others, eventually abuse that power.

Kid said...

I'm down with the abuse of power concept Cube. A lot of people become cops for the same reason.

cube said...

Kid: That's true sometimes. On this topic, do you remember the old days when people wrote checks at stores and, if they weren't familiar with you, the cashier had to flag down a manager, who eyed you up and down and OK'ed your check if they thought you were worthy? It is similar to the power trip a Deputy Barney Fife type HOA official feels when they're ordering you to change your taupe curtains to a color closer to eggshell.

Kid said...

Cube, it is that people accept all this abuse and stupidity that it exists.
Like why do I see 'sponsored ads' that are titled "Her gown dropped jaws"

Believe me, no woman's gown drops jaws. Naked women don't even drop jaws.

Or, "You won't believe what bla bla looks like now"

Who clicks on that shit ? Apparently enough to keep them showing up on web pages. sigh.

cube said...

Kid: I think people are purposefully stupid. For some inane reason, it's supposed to be cool or edgy. I mean who in their right mind looks to late night comedy shows as a news source?

Kid said...

Cube: Too many, and for sure the young chick I was behind briefly on the freeway with a F* Trump (spelled out - how nice for the kids in the car behind her right?) and a coexist bumper sticker. Profanity on bumper stickers should be a ticketable offense since people of any age are subject to viewing them. coexist bumper stickers deserve the death penalty for extreme ignorance. Maybe she'll join ISIS.

cube said...

Kid: I wonder if driving around with a four-letter word as a bumper sticker is indicative of a mental disorder or just a person wanting to appear edgy and cool. It didn't take me becoming a parent to feel the need to protect children from the adult world. I wonder about the young people today who don't get it. Is there no concept between right and wrong anymore?

Kid said...

Cube I think these 'people' are so focused on themselves and what THEY want that it doesn't even occur to them to consider anyone else even exists, let alone kids.

DaBlade said...

Hey! He stole my pocket imaginary pocket squirrel!

DaBlade said...

that was supposed to say my imaginary comfort pocket squirrel... see! I'm discombobulated by his absence.

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