Monday, January 29, 2018

Corruption Most Foul

Why Aren't The Democrats Horrified By The Corruption At The FBI And The DOJ?

That's a very good question.


Sandee said...

It's what most democrats want I'm guessing. As long as they are in power and the right isn't. It's frightening isn't it. Yes it is.

Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

LL said...

The corruption in DOJ and FBI works for the Democrats, who seem to bathe in corruption and shady deals. It's true in all of politics, but they and their allies in the wicked, filthy, sly, smug, elite mainstream media have raised the acceptable corruption bar to a high that would make a Clinton blush (slightly).

I've heard a lot of chatter in the media about how all of the FBI hasn't been tainted, but I don't know that those well-meaning sentiments can be trusted absolutely. The truth is that we don't know. We didn't think that the FBI was submitting false affidavits that they knew were false at the time to FISA courts so that they could wiretap Clinton's political enemies did we?

It undermines the republic in ways that the Russians and Chinese couldn't hope to do. And the Democrat Party loves it.

Sandee said...

I've a new website: Comedy Plus

Have a great day. ♥

cube said...

Sandee: I don't know why, but I couldn't log into your new site. Sorry. Have a great life.

messymimi said...

It's amazing what you can put up with when it's working for you.

Kid said...

What everyone said. This works for the dems.

kfc55 said...

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Z said...

One problem is the FBI agents can't really come forward and tell us if some are tainted or not! They're SO private...trained that way, etc.
We have all heard people who know agents tell us they're saying behind the scenes that they're going strong but truly don't like this constant discussion about the's disconcerting and even improper. But, if there are bad apples, we need them OUT.

My point is that I'm not 100% it can be scourged from within because of the private nature of the whole organization!?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I asked a congressman I interviewed about the memo he read, if we would see resignations soon and he replied he expected some to leave for a non extraditing country.
They won't be republicans.

DaBlade said...

Apparently they are not horrified by the corruption as it benefits them. What horrifies them is America succeeding.

Kid said...

Why? Because they engineered it. Starting with bill clinton in 1993.