Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Good Day For Soup


Waiting for T.S. Elsa to hit Florida makes for perfect soup weather.


Sandee said...

Be safe. Not a beer drinker, but champagne is a go. Okay, now I'm hungry for soup.

Have a safe and blessed day. ♥

cube said...

Sandee: Soup here is a metaphor. Vodka cocktails would be my soup while I await what we just learned will be Hurricane Elsa.

messymimi said...

Praying for your safety.

Georgia said...

As Joey Biden tells us that his administration will send his representatives door-to-door to demand to know who has and who hasn't gotten the vaccines - but will not keep records on this - and to bully Americans, all of us, into getting them. And promises that he will not use this information for any other purpose.. Yeah Right!
Knock, knock. Who's there? VaxNazi. VaxNazi who? Thr....uh the the President Guy, and his Woman of Color. We’re doing that Door to Door Vaccinations Thing!
After the Republicans criticized “President” Biden for calling for a Door-to-door campaign to give the “Non Vaccine Bunch” information about the safety and efficacy of vaccines in hopes it would encourage more people to get vaccinated. Biden and Kamala decided to have a Door to Door campaign after all.
And I understand that Jan Psaki is being recruited by the Door to Door Squad as well.
If Delusional Biden is so damn worried about COVID-19 why hasn't he closed the border, and why is he trafficking COVID-19-infected illegals all over the United States without even telling local State, or City agencies they are coming
China Joey must think that it is a good idea to ask the Personal questions in a one-on-one meeting at the door of these people who would rather get the Covid Virus then answer personal question and chance getting Deported.
The real question is: why would anyone agree with a “Demented” Old Dribbling Dolt.who wants to ask you personal questions??
It is absolutely amazing how Stupid Beijing Biden's Door to Door vaccine campaign is, and even Dumber to think that these people will change their minds because of Mr. Dumb, and Ms. Dumber’s plan..

When you go into a roach infested motel room and flip on the lights, all the cockroaches scurry for cover in darkness. When the lights go out again, the cockroaches go back to their progressive destruction of their surroundings.

Nikita Soni said...

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