Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Civil Discourse

Wisconsin Democrat Assemblyman Tells GOP Assemblywoman, "You Are F-king Dead," Media Mum

Wisconsin Assemblyman Rep. Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, in the middle of a legislative session, turned to Rep. Michelle Litjens, R-Winneconne, and made the above hateful remark.

Hintz, is the same prizewinner who last week accepted responsibility for being issued an ordinance violation for visiting a massage parlor in Appleton that was the subject of a prostitution sting.

Just is the MSM going to report these incidents?

And just when is this democrat stepping down?

I'm not holding my breath for the eventuality of either scenario.


T. T. Douglas said...

It's a good thing you don't hold your breath because neither will be happening soon I am sure. I have found that in order to bring down my aggravation and stress level I have to give stories like this a wide berth (sigh).

Looking back I remember how worked up I got about the George Bush /TANG/Dan Rather/Mary Mapes thing that I almost burst a blood vessel. If that took as long as it did for the media to self correct (which it did because of pressure from bloggers and with very little resulting fallout to the perpetrators) then stuff like this is just a blip which won't get so much as a by your leave.

cube said...

T.T.Douglas: I share your feelings of stress when I run across instances of the MSM cherrypicking the stories that fit their agenda.

We've been getting snowed for years, but now they're not even trying to hide the liberal bias.

At least FOX reported it. That's something we never had in the past.

Jan said...

Hey, maybe this douche bag can get his own show on CNN. He seems to have all the qualifications.

Mainstream news is such a joke today.

Thanks for finding these great stories!!

Chuck said...

We basically have a state media not unlike the one in Venezuela.

Think of the comparisons.

The vast majority of the media broadcasts propoganda for the Executive branch and their party.

We have a few dissenting voices (FOX, WSJ, etc).

The leadership of the country is trying to shut down the opposition media (think about the fairness doctrine).

As far as this episode in Wisconsin, I partly blame the Republicans for this.

They control the Assembly, why aren't they doing something about it?

Censor him. Impeach him. Go to the media and raise hell. Go on MSNBC to talk about the union mess and talk about this instead. Make the staff there shut their mic off.

I'm with you on this and share your frustration with the media but the GOP and conservative groups need to stop pissing their pants every time something like this happens and get on a soapbox and call the libs on it.

cube said...

Jan: CNN would be pulling better ratings if they just reported the news objectively. They aren't as bad as MSNBC, but they still have a long way to go to achieve a standard of fair journalism. Putting in a token "conservative" up against a sleaze bag isn't going to cut it.

The MSM is more than a joke nowadays. I think it's a detriment to our freedom of speech.

Thank you for the kind words. I very much appreciate your stories too :-)

cube said...

Chuck: You make some very good points. The GOP needs to grow a spinal column and stand up to the growing threat of this statist media. It's painful to watch how they back off time after time when they should be emboldened by the outrageous behavior of the press.

Teresa said...

The MSM or Left Stream Media are irrelevant since they refuse to do their jobs and constantly cover up for the Democrats. Thank goodness that Fox News is exposing the climate of hate in Wisconsin. The Democratic assemblyman should be fired.

Z said...

WOW, with all the news I watch I have never heard of EITHER of these situations.
MY GOSH...what more proof do we need that AMerica's NOT got a FREE MEDIA?

Oh, I just read that you say FOX reported it...I missed it. ANd, of course, the lefties will say "Well, if it was on FOX, it's bias and probably isn't true."

cube said...

Teresa: I agree. The MSM doesn't serve the American public anymore. They now serve the democrats.

Anyone with eyes can see the difference in coverage between the Tea Party protests and those in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, not everyone gets FOX on TV. Some cable systems just don't carry it.

cube said...

Z: I missed it too. I found this on the Internet. You'd think with all the journalists prowling over Wisconsin it would be a prominent part of the news cycle.

Ben Unseth said...

Many of the left-leaning pundits who bother you have a counterpart on the right.

Who is helping, and who is hurting, the conversation in our public square? Right and left, they gibber from G-rated to X-rated. So, I took a stab at rating some. Have a look:

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