Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Not Marvelous

New Spiderman Swinging Into Comic Book Shops Following Death Of Peter Parker

OK, Spiderman was only killed off in the “Ultimates” imprint of Marvel comics... which translates into the not-so-good line, but I still find it a ridiculous move.

Is there nothing the politically correct movement can't ruin?


sue said...

Cube :

PP - RIP );

Jan said...

Is he also gay?

And why is he purple?

silly rabbit said...

"Politically correct" Bah Humbug! I get so tired of having to check the box "white" on applications. Can't I just be a human being? It's a sick joke. If my race doesn't matter why do they keep asking? And why do we have to keep changing the vocabulary? It promotes differences and separation. Sheesh!

I see no reason to alter who is Spiderman. Can't they come up with a hero who is new for that person?
Don't they have an original idea?

Leticia said...

This has got be a joke? Ridiculous.

cube said...

Sue: PP lives!

cube said...

Jan: Gay AND purple? Is he gayple? I have no idea why they couldn't just make a new boriqua/black superhero without having to kill an existing one.

cube said...

Silly Rabbit: I hear you. I'm so sick of the PC garbage. We need to speak clearly and openly about our differences.

Leticia: They haven't killed off Pter Parker in the main Marvel comics line, but only in the "loser" Marvel line. It does sound unbelievably stupid, doesn't it?