Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Elevens

This post is set to publish at 11:11:11 on 11/11/11... isn't that cool?

On this rare day, I want to thank all the veterans out there for their service to our country.

Gob bless you all.


Leticia said...

YES! God bless all of our troops and I am truly grateful for all that they have done in keeping this nation free and safe.

cube said...

God spare them from Obama's executive orders.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Only a scientific person with a great mind could set their post for 11 11 11 11 11.

I forgot all about it.


Maybe I'll remember the next time it rolls around - in 100 years.

silly rabbit said...

I am very grateful for our veterans.
And yes, it is very cool that you posted on 11-11-11 at 11:11! So cool that I wish I had thought of it.

Teresa said...

God Bless all of our troops. May God protect them and keep them out of harm's way as they fight to protect our freedoms.

Granny Annie said...

Yes God Bless them all. Hey, I keep worrying about the "20" in 11-11-2011.

Brooke said...

The last binary date and time combo in our lifetime!

And thanks to all of those vets out there!

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Cube! .Hope u had a nice weekend~!:)

Jay Noel said...

Thanks to all the veterans.

Especially my grandfather who was a POW in the campaign in the Pacific - captured by the Japanese and forced onto the Death March at Bataan.

He broke the line, kicked a bunch of Japs' asses with his bare hands, and ran into the jungle.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

cube said...

Granny Annie: Didn't you get my email from November 11, 1111? That was a wicked party time ;-)

cube said...

Jay Noel: God bless your grandfather and thank him for his service to our country.

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