Thursday, November 03, 2011

If Wishes Were Fishes

Obama: God Backs Jobs Plan

What's next? God doesn't want the GOP to subpoena any documents from the White House, too?

House GOP Votes To Subpoena White House For Solyndra Documents



Teresa said...

Obama invokes God out of convenience, not because he's a true believer. He even mocked the vote affirming "in God we trust". The man's a piece of work.

cube said...

You are exactly right. Remember his quote about the moslem call to prayer "as one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset." Say what?

Ron Russell said...

Sometime I think the man doesn't know what he's saying, but when I stop and think about it, I realize he knows exactly what he's saying.

cube said...

Ron Russell: I think you're spot on with your observation.

Z said...

"The Lord helps those who help themselves"? is not in the BIble, but FINALLY the Leftwingers are getting it?

Teresa's right; he mocked the Republicans for spending about five minutes voting that IN GOD WE TRUST is the country's motto, not E PLURIBUS UNUM, which Obama said it was...
and now this?

It isn't a biblical quote, but show me where it says the Lord won't help us.....??

Ron...he knows exactly what he's doing; you're right.

Leticia said...

I wonder which god, he was talking about? Just a thought.

silly rabbit said...

Great point made by Leticia! Which God is he talking about? And I also agree that he uses God when he thinks it will do him good, but not in any consistent way.

Chuck said...

Not sure how well you remember the 1992 Presidential election but Pat Buchanan said the GOP had God on their side when he spoke at the convention. Libs still talk about it.

Always On Watch said...

Obama is such a megalomaniac!

He really believes that he is the anointed one. Pfffft.

Jan said...

I'm convinced BO doesn't listen to what he is saying. Off the teleprompter out of his mouth without going through the brain.

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