Saturday, November 15, 2014

Brrr... Not So Much.

Today we will reach a high of 74 degrees with lots of sunshine.

Please don't hate us Floridians because our state has wonderful weather right now, but if you do...



Robin said...

I love it! But, I live in Florida. hehehehe.

Sandee said...

No hate at all. I wouldn't want to live in Florida, but if you love it then it's all good.

Have a fabulous day. :)

cube said...

Robin: It's a gorgeous day. Hehehe.

cube said...

Sandee: Yes, it is all good. I get that some people like Florida in small doses only. My in-laws tried living in Florida, but it didn't work out and they moved back to Cape Cod.

We all should be where we feel we belong :-)

sue hanes said...

Cube - I don't hate Florida because it has nice weather. The four seasons are just part of life here.

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