Monday, February 16, 2015

No More Snow Please

Some dogs love it because they don't have to shovel it.

Latest Blizzard Puts Boston Within One Foot Of All Time Record

My heart goes out to our neighbors to the north who no sooner dig out of one snowstorm that they're hit with another.


Sandee said...

As much as I hate much of California, I'd rather live here than in the snow. Not for me at all.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

I feel the same way about Florida. As a kid I lived in NYC for 7 years and loved the snow... but that was because, like a dog, I didn't have to shovel it. Having to go to work in snow isn't my cup of tea now that I'm an adult.

jan said...

We keep our snow in the mountains and can visit it when we want to.

We never want to.

Kathe W. said...

wish you could send 30 feet or so to us in the upper North California mountains...this will be our 4th winter of hardly any sis lives in New Hampshire and she even tried to ship us some! Cheers!

sue hanes said...

Cube - I feel for those people who live in Boston and are getting so much snow. We got three inches yesterday and it seems like a lot!

Cute doggie playing in the snow.

Z said...

I LOVE California and am grateful not to have the snow worries or the terrible cold, but I SURE would like a little more rain and maybe 2" of snow from time to time!?
A gorgeous view is from the West looking East over downtown and seeing the snow covered mountains...that is GORGEOUS\
I love your dog/snow video!

cube said...

Jan: I don't blame you. My daughters, being born in Florida, are excited to see snow. I had my share of snow while growing up in NYC and have no desire to revisit it.

cube said...

Kathe W.: It's the thought that counts. There's still time... you might get your snow this winter.

cube said...

Sue Hanes: My husband has lots of family on Cape Cod and they report incredible reports of snow and ice.

Three inches here in Tampa would cripple us. It seems like a lot to me, too.

Glad you liked the snow doggie video.

cube said...

Z: I'll send some good rain vibes your way ;)

Glad you liked the snow doggie video.

cube said...

Funny how you can spot the Northerners from the Southerners when we get a cold snap...they're the ones still wearing shorts.

Me, I'm one of the ones who is cocooning inside the house and still wearing layers of clothing and pants.