Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Number One? No.

The following article from American Thinker details how Obola flashed the Moslem shahada to delegates of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington DC in August 2014:

Obama And The Moslem Gang Sign

How stupid or blind does one have to be to not accept yet another sign of his moslem faith.


Always On Watch said...

Until recently, I didn't believe that Obama is a Moslem. Oh, sure, I thought that he might be one. But now -- based on so many other things besides the topic of this blog post -- I am convinced that he is a Moslem.

God help us! 17 more years to go with this Manchurian candidate.

Sandee said...

I've been saying he's a Muslim since before he was elected. He is. He's the worst president in my lifetime. The worst.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

cube said...

It was obvious that Obola was anti-American when, before the election, he wouldn't put his hand at his heart during the National Anthem. After the election, he and the first wookie have even used THEIR LEFT HANDS! No joke. That's enough for me.

I don't care what your religion is, if you're anti-American, you're on my $hit list.

Hell's Bells! I hope you didn't mean to type 17 more years.

cube said...

Sandee: I knew he hated America way before the election and was very uncomfortable with the lack of vetting Re: his upbringing: moslem, commie, anti-white, druggie, school records, etc..

I suspected an affinity to moslems and it soon became very clear, to anyone with two neurons to rub together, that this was the case.

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