Monday, January 23, 2006

Blue Monday

Some days you are the tarsier and some days you are the cricket that is about to be the tarsier's lunch.

According to U.K. psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall, the Monday closest to January 24th is the most depressing day of the year.

You can be miserable today if you want...but I prefer Abraham Lincoln's point of view:

"People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

So, cheer up. Life is good. Be happy you're not a cricket ;-)


Topwomen said...

I prefer to be neither. I prefer to be the rock upon which both sit, watching the rest of the world go on its luney way. As for the most depressing day of the year, I agree Cube, you make it what you want.

Sar said...

Yikes, Cube! What an image.

That's pretty sage advice though.

Jen said...

I'm feeling pretty good, actually.

But I see their point. We need a good holiday in January. One that doesn't require a lot of decorating or shopping, but is still something to look forward to. That would help a lot, don't you think? This month it's all dead guys, and then next month is great if you've got a significant other, and if that other is fairly romantic... Then the green beer.

Really, there's not much to look forward to as far as holidays go, is there? Now I *am* kind of depressed...

cube said...

Jen, I wouldn't say that in Chocolate Town ...

Trinity13 said...

For being the most depressing day of the year, I'm actually having a pretty good I guess I'm the tarzier, right?!

Jamie Dawn said...

Today is a good day. I feel pretty, darned good.
How can that be? I'm supposed to be down in the dumps. I better try and get sad over something.

tlm said...

We got our W-2s at work today. Seeing how much money the government held hostage for a year really depressed me.

Minka said...

What a cute pic! I had the shift from hell today, but I am not depressed about it, just glad it is over!

Jay Noel said...

That's the look in my eyes when I'm sitting in the dentist's chair.

M. C. Pearson said...

I love that picture! I want to steal it and use it as my profile...but I guess it wouldn't really go with my title. Bummer. I love your A. Lincoln quote! It is one of the main points in my book.

Dak-Ind said...

that is a cool looking... what is that thing? i love it! what exactly is a tarzier?

cube said...

Lots of comments for the little tarsier, which is a small nocturnal primate from the East Indies.

I love those eyes. That fixated look is an amazing sight.

BTW Good to hear from so many happy people out there. I feel happy myself and I plan to stay that way too :-)

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Perhaps I missed something... but why is this one particular Monday any more depressing than the rest of the Mondays? *curious*

And yes.... I, too, think it is all in the head.

cube said...

2vamp: A researcher came up with this equation:

[W + (D-d)] x TQ
M x NA

where the variables stand for weather, amount of debt, monthly salary, amount of time since Christmas, time since New Year's resolution attempt failed, low motivational levels, and the need to take action.

Using that equation, the gloomiest day of the year is the monday nearest Jan 24, and the happiest the Friday nearest June 23rd.

I think it's interesting, but I don't believe it can predict what it says it can.

Sar said...

If you're this happy on the gloomiest day of the year, I can't wait to see how estatic you are on teh Friday nearest 6/23, Cube. :)))

birdwoman said...

psych is pseudo pscience. Never believe the hype.


Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

I see.

I love me those whacky formulae but nope, don't believe this one does what it's supposed to, sorry. *chuckles*

cube said...

I love formulae myself, but I don't love the tax money that is wasted on these pseudoscientists and their bogus research.

eyesallaround said...

What a cute little creature:) I heard a story about Lincoln's childhood. He was terribly abused and neglected, but chose to leave that behind and lead a great life. Knowing that makes his statement even more admirable.

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