Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Mnemonic

It remains to be seen whether the IAU will vote to add 3 new planets, Ceres, Charon, and 2003 UB313 (knicknamed Xena) to the solar system.

If they do, I have come up with a new mnemonic device to remember them:


What do you think? Too political?


rgmb said...

Very Clever!

cube said...

thank you. Do you think the main characters are too veiled or too obvious?

Angel said...

I think only space objects that hold intelligent life should be called planets...;)

Spider Walk said...

I think you are brilliant!

Marti said...

Oh gee, I'm trying to was My mother served us roygbiv pizza? No wait, I'm mixing my mnemonics - LOL

nanc said...

angel - i guess that leaves earth out! bwaaaaaaaaaaahhahaha!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love it!
It should be used in schools to help those poor students who have to memorize more than the nine planets we had to during our school years.
My dad and I talked about these new planets just yesterday. I think it is all very interesting.

cube said...

angel & nanc: ooooh, that's harsh.

spider walk: why, thank you.

marti: heh heh

j.d.: Thanks, but I don't think the liberals would appreciate it
once they figure out who Mama and Crazy John are...

M. C. Pearson said...

Very clever! You crack me up every time I visit.

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, way too political.

What about something chirpy that includes jelly, mud wrestling and ducks, for example?

cube said...

m.c.: thank you.

anonymous: chirpy, huh? I dunno. It's so much more fun to make fun of John Kerry & Teh-ray-zuh (a.k.a Mama T). I'll keep it in mind for
next time.

Angel said...

Lmao, so if we are not designated as a planet then can we be called?

cube said...

angel: I guess we'll have to do away with intelligent life being a prerequisite for planethood.

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