Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Photoshop Magic

CBS Photoshops Couric Photo .

Don't you wish real life worked like that?


David Amulet said...

Pathetic. I guess they'll do anything to try to make her seem like an anchor.

Did they photoshop Dan Rather back in the day?

-- david

cube said...

Well, they didn't have Photoshop back then, but even if they had had it, they wouldn't have used it.

Rather could've grown as
corpulent as Jabba the Hut & it wouldn't have been considered.

Go figure.

cube said...

I read that Rosie O'Donnell is on the Photoshop diet too.

cube said...

I spoke too soon about Dan Rather. Apparently, he has been Photoshopped too.

Oh, will this trend never end?

Brooke said...

"See, Katie, THIS is how we want you to look... Part of the job requirements, you know."

How sick. Of course, the photo editor came out with the typical 'nothing to see here, just an isolated incident, it'll never happen again' line...

Photoshop is the best thing since the ball point pen, for reporters, anyway. I'll bet 3/4 of what we see is all fake anymore.

Jamie Dawn said...

Okay Photoshop god... ZAP me!

Caz said...

Disturbing on so many levels Cube.

Fifteen pounds lighter and fifteen years younger, at the flick of a mouse.

Will life as we know it just be one big air-brushing in the future?

Beginning to look that way.

cube said...

brooke: yep, nothing up my sleeve.

j.d.: from your comments to the Photoshop god's ear ;-)

caz: either Photoshop, air-brushing or with a scalpel. Seems no one wants to age gracefully anymore.

I find more disturbing the idea that we can't trust what we see anymore. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this trend doesn't comfort me one bit.