Friday, December 01, 2006

Astro Cat Blog Friday

In light of the previous post, for this Cat Blog Friday...

...a Space cat!

Happy Friday, everybody!


Kathy said...

Calling occupants from interplanetary

We.. Are.. You're... Friends!

KATHY said...


$#%&!@ ^%@#

Always On Watch said...

My cat Cameo actually likes wearing her Elizabethan collar. She'd even dress up in a spacesuit, I think.

cube said...

kathy: Hawking is talking about US being the intergalactic travelers otherwise we are doomed.

cube said...

aow: Cameo sounds like a patient cat. My cats...not so much.

The Merry Widow said...

Paca would claw you in her determination to depart! And leap out the door and forget about finding her, she's only 11 lbs., so she can get in really small areas!


nanc said...

send them all into space!


oooooh, along with all the rodents!

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc- Blame the Egyptians, they were the first to domesticate the cat, then they worshipped them. Notice that 3,000+ years later cats still haven't gotten over it!

Dogs come when you call,
Cats have an answering service!

Dogs have packs(or families),
Cats have staff!


Shover Robot said...

Happy Friday!

Nice Robot suit too!

cube said...

nanc: I expected nothing less from you.

tmw: The Egyptians were ahead of their time about cats. So what's happened to them since?

shover: yes, they do have a robotic feel to them.

tlm said...

Well, I'm guessing the majority of those Egyptians converted to Islam, thus setting their country's prosperity back a thousand years.

Oppressive religions like that seem to have a negative effect on everything -- even cats, I suppose.

nanc said...

pkurpkak - a little indigestion...

good - then i didn't letcha down!

The Merry Widow said...

Nancpop's chili got ya? How's the weather? Can you get around without slipping away?


Brooke said...


Meow, Houston!

cube said...

tlm: a cautionary tale.

brooke: heh heh.

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