Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Flying Imams

From The Real Purpose Behind The Imam Publicity Blitz by Katherine Kersten.

Basically, Kersten concludes that CAIR and the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation are using the media circus surrounding the flying imams to revive the languishing 'End of Racial Profiling Act' via the new congressional leadership set to take over in January.

And some people sat out the last election... Go figure.

Meanwhile, I suggest that if moslems feel that they can't misbehave on planes without any repercussions from the airlines, well they can always go the Sister Bertril route.


Anonymous said...

how bout they just get their own airlines........all muzlims all the way...egads what a bunch of terrorist manipulators!

cube said...

That sounds like a plan.

BTW you're not showing up as womanhonorthyself. What gives?

Shover Robot said...

yeah the flying mozlim!

Brooke said...

I say that we could launch them out an airlock if they act suspiciously... Heheheheheh.

Oh, wait... They don't have airlocks on planes, do they?

cube said...

brooke: no, we don't have fire-fly class ships yet, and no Captain Mals.