Friday, December 15, 2006

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

...kittens from CopyCat, the world's first cloned cat.

World's First Cloned Cat Has Kittens .

Happy Friday, everybody!


Brooke said...

I assume that the kitties will be tested to ascertain their genetic sturdiness.

I wonder if they have a normal lifespan, ect?

nanc said...

do they come in hyperpkakagenic varieties?

mew >^..^<

cube said...

brooke: Time will tell.

nanc: I think they can whip up some hypopkakagenic ones just for you ;-)

Jen said...

Brooke said what I was thinking. I wonder how different they are from regular kitties, and if it affects them in any way.

Why clone cats? Last I checked people were putting them to sleep because there are too many...

"Copy Cat" is a cute name, though, I'll give them that! :-D

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-Get a Maine Coon, they'll pkak to your hearts content, especially if they're shedding, the pkaks are rather startling in their length!


Kathy said...

Cloned CATS!!!!! Why?? It seems so.... unnatural.
pkak pkak pkak p..k...a...k!

( With apologies to my old mate Nanc)

Always On Watch said...

Kittens are the cutest--cloned or otherwise.

Justin said...

just watch out this funny video christmas pet bash!!!!!

cube said...

jen & kathy: They feel the need to perfect the cloning techniques using many kinds of animals. Cats are cheap & plentiful & happen to be physiologically similar to humans.

tmw: our Maine Coon had so much he couldn't take care of it all. At times, he'd get some large knots that we'd end up cutting off.

cube said...

aow: I agree, although I do have a soft spot for puppies too. And lizards. And frogs. And birds... I'm a sucker for many kinds of animals.

justin: Awww, the video is very cute. I wonder how they got all those little pups to behave.

The Merry Widow said...

Cube-After the 2004 hurricanes(we lost power for 8 days after Frances and 7 days after Jeanne) we cut poor Dov's fur down to very short, he looked funny but was much more comfortable!
It was amazing how little kitty there was under all that fur! LOL!


cube said...

tmw: we lost power after Frances and Jeanne too, but we had already lost our beloved Maine Coon, Tribby.

He was also a big furball ;-)

Jen said...

I understand wanting to perfect the procedure. But I guess I don't get why people want to clone things at all. I guess I've just watched/read too much sci fi my whole life, but don't cloning experiments always turn out BAD?!? ;-)

The Merry Widow said...

Jen- Yes, most of the time cloning ends up either causing problems or a total disaster!
Cube- We have a generator, so we had fans, but in August/september in Florida! And all that humidity afterwards!


cube said...

There was premature aging with Dolly the sheep, but she was an early attempt. As they perfect the techniques, they hope to learn enough genetic engineering to avoid the problems.

CopyCat is so far a healthy cat able to procreate. Time will tell.

I see animal cloning leading to only one thing... human clones to harvest for organs. Scary, isn't it?

cube said...

tmw: we had the generators & were able to keep fans, fridge, freezer, and some lights on. It wasn't as bad as others had it.

The Merry Widow said...

Our neighbor behind us grilled every night and we would bring our chairs and whatever we had to share and sing and talk until dark!
We ran our fridge, fans, lights, tv and 1 computer. And I could run the microwave by switching plugs with the fridge. We did very well.


cube said...

tmw: we defrosted stuff from the freezer by day & grilled by night.
The cable was mostly out, but we had regular TV, which was not so good, so I also remember reading a ton of books.

nanc said...

we've only had to use our generator once - the power had been out for a couple of hours when i had a hankering for a quadruple latte...seeing how the crankiness was setting in, nancpop went out (without my even asking - in words anyway...) fired it up, came inside and said, "PLEASE make yourself a latte?"

nearly the moment i was putting the froth on my milk the power came back on - we all lived happily ever up to this point...

Kathy said...

Hey cube, my beautiful ginger puss has turned into a killer!

Seriously.. First he found a nest of rats and killed the lot of 'em!

Well we were really happy about that.

But now he has started on the birds(I love our native birds)

I caught him a week ago with a brown honeyeater , thankfully the bird was unharmed and flew away.

Last Friday it was a New Holland Honeyeater.
I rescued that one too, but took the poor little fella to the vet .
He had some lacerations and had lost his tailfeathers, and has to be given antibiotics.

If this wasn't enough, I came home this morning after shopping and found him with a Red Wattlebird .

I was beside myself.

I took this one to the vet too.
He was in better shape than the honeyeater, but had lost his tailfeathers too.

Funny thing is my ginger puddy is such a docile cat . I have never once seen him spit, scratch or bite one of the family. He is so placid usually.

I keep him in at night, but let him out for part of the day.I don't really want to keep him in all day as he mews and meows and drives me mad. Nor do I want him killing native birds.

I discovered a new product called the Cat Bib.
It was in fact developed at Murdoch University here in Western

Ironically, I have to order it from the U.S.
Which I have just done. Apparently it is 81% effective in stopping the cat getting birds.

Here's hoping!!

cube said...

kathy: All cats hunt & kill prey. Even a cat that has never even been outside, will hunt & kill bugs or lizards that have crawled into the house.

It's their nature. They can't help it.

I'm curious about the Cat Bib. How does it work? Is it safe for the cat?

cube said...

nanc: remind me never to get between you and your latte ;-)

Kathy said...

Cube, the cat bib is made of thin neoprene, and supposedly does not inhibit any of the cats normal activities...

Apart from killing birds.

It acts as a barrier between the bird and the cat.

Apparrently after a while the cat doesn't even know he is wearing it!

cube said...

kathy: obviously you have never tried to dress one of my cats.

Anonymous said...

The CatBib was invented and is manufactured in the United States, that's why you had to order it from the US. The company, Cat Goods, Inc. is located in Springfield, OR, USA. Murdoch University tested the CatBib and proved it worked to stop cats from killing birds. Thanks for your interest in the CatBib.

Pearl's Person
Cat Goods, Inc.
In the Business of Saving Birds!

cube said...

Pearl's: Thank you for enlightening us :-)