Friday, May 02, 2008

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a graduate cat because I have graduations on the brain.

Postings have been scarce around The BLOG lately because my two cubelets are graduating; the eldest from high school, and the youngest from the 8th grade in the school she has attended since Kindergarten.

The logistics are heavy for one graduation alone, so you can imagine how we are being pulled in many directions at once trying to get everything accomplished for two.

After a hectic week, I am looking forward to a semi-quiet weekend before the pace picks up again!

In the meantime, have a happy Friday, everybody!


Brooke said...

Congrats on your two little graduates!

They have graduations for eighth grade?

Jill said...

I remember those days. My how time flys.Do you feel any older?

cary said...

Congratulations to them both!

On a side note, my beautiful bride is graduating with a Bachelor's in Accounting at the end of this month. I know what you mean about lots to do!

cube said...

brooke: I guess it is a bit unusual, but not at this school. We went through it 4 years ago when the eldest graduated.

It is a small Catholic school that serves from pre-K to 8th grade and it is a big deal when they send their kids off to high school.

Many of the teachers that were teaching when my kids started kindergarten are still there! It's a very close little community.

cube said...

jill: I only feel as old as the hills ;-)

Now we're looking at college for one and private high school for the other. Yikes, we don't have time to get old.

cary: Congratulations to Mrs. Cary. I bet she's glad that's over with now.

The Merry Widow said...

Congrats to the cubelets! And to you for getting them where they are, without killing them! LOL!
Now, breathe!


Voracious Reader said...

Congratulations to you and yours.

cube said...

tmw: No I didn't kill them, but it was close sometimes ;-)

Naw, we're very proud of them. I just hope I survive all the social obligations.

voracious: Thank you.

I will convey all the congratulations to my cubelets.

Kathy Farrelly said...

All the best to your little cubelets Ebuc!
Guess they ain't so little any more huh? Where DOES the time go?

My daughter will be having a graduation ball at the end of the year too!(she will be 12 in a few months)Then it's high school for her next year.
Must admit, though, there were never any grad balls when I was 12.. We only had high school graduation back then(many a long year ago lol!)

8675309 said...

Congrats to the Family Cube! With any luck, you'll be repeating this double graduation business in four more years.... :)

birdwoman said...

congratulations! once you're over the hump, it's summer... whew!


Caz said...


Delighted to hear that The Blog has been quiet for happy reasons, was a bit worried about you Cube and didn't want to pry, but there we have it, the Cubelets are keeping you busy.

Hope you all enjoy the two graduations and save many happy memories from these days.

nanc said...

i just knew there was something BIG up in your life! yeah, i'm telepathetic...

what a great time in the life of the cubelets.



nanc said...

o.t. if you get a chance to party!

BeckEye said...

1. Congrats.

2. Damn, that cat is creepy looking.

WomanHonorThyself said...

congrads!..was wonderin why I havent seen ya at WHT in a while!..happy happy!!

Shover Robot said...

Congratulations to the Cubelets!!!

Always On Watch said...

Congrats to the proud mother of the grads!

Now, about that cat grad....I wonder what my kitties have graduated from and to? Perhaps they have finally graduated from their wild stage and have graduated to being mellower.

Kittens are fun, but they wear me out.

nanc said...


hope the dust is settling in your neck of the woods.


cube said...

Thanks for all the kind words. We are still in the thick of grad committments. Thank goodness the shopping is over!

Regular blog postings will begin soon, although I must say, I have enjoyed the break. Blogging is a labor of love, with them emphasis on the word 'labor'.

cube said...

nanc: Thank you for remembering
Mother's Day.


You're the only blogger who remembered. I hope your day was an extra special one.

I pretty much recharged my batteries while I nursed a sore back. No excitement which is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again for remembering.

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