Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember The Fallen

Happy Memorial Day.

[The BLOG note: SoldiersAngels photo courtesy of ]


Shover Robot said...

Happy Memorial Day

We even had a barbeque this year :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Cube,

I never know how to treat the memorial day holiday in greeting someone. Happy memorial day seems trite as we are memorializing our war dead. As it also serves as a reminder that those who serve are in harms way I feel it is fitting to overlap a touch and recognize the veterans and active duty service people as well.

So it can be a happy memorial day in the sense that we are free due to their courage, duty and sacrifice. And as freedom is wonderful and, sadly, not too common around the world (or in history for that matter!) we should celebrate the day like an Irish wake and remember the fallen with love and admiration.

Gratitude, humility and joy.

Happy memorial day to you cube-our liberty came dear.


Jill said...

Nice.As someone said, freedom isn't free. One of these days I hope to get a picture of my grandfather's headstone at Arlington. He was a 44 year Marine.

cube said...

shover: We usually BBQ, but this year we had a bunch of roofers all over our house and it wasn't conducive to celebratory grilling.

QQ: Thanks. I think I did better than Obama and his Memorial Day gaffe.

jill: You must be so proud. It does sound like a wonderful post.

Brooke said...

Great pic/post, Cube.

There isn't thanks enough!

cube said...

brooke: Thanks. I always have trouble with these posts because I want to show my respect without being schlocky or maudlin.

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