Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama's Uncle

Obama Admits Reference To Auschwitz Was Wrong

It's a shame that they don't teach history in Harvard anymore.


Anonymous said...

Good point!That is why history keeps repeating itself. We never learn.

Kat said...

or geography. Buchenwald is actually less than an hours drive from where I was born. Auschwitz however...Poland even though the Nazis had occupied it.

Brooke said...

He's a fabulist, just like Hillary.

I can't believe that Obama expects us to think that the lesson he took away from his uncle supposedly coming back from Auschwitz is that we need more government health care, and NOT that we shouldn't be appeasing genocidal tyrants.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when "misspeaking" was called "lying?"

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, he just got the name wrong, never mind that he had some type of uncle in World II (wouldn't that be a great uncle btw) and that no one can actually verify that he liberated anything.

cube said...

More than Obama's obvious lies,
I find even more troubling the pattern I'm seeing of his utter lack of basic knowledge about the history of this country.

It's almost as if he finds these facts beneath contempt. Certainly, this is not an attitude we want in a President.

birdwoman said...

I understand pointing this stuff out, but it kind of reminds me of how everyone talks about how "stupid" president Bush is because of his inability to speak well. (of course, the same people think he's this maniacal genius behind 9/11. A stupid evil genius. Hmmm...)

I'm going to let Senator Obama's record (or lack thereof) put the nails in his coffin.