Friday, August 29, 2008


McCain Chooses Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin For V.P.

This is one gutsy move by McCain. It will either be a brilliant stroke of political genius, or it will be a death knell to the republican party's chances come November.

What do you think?


nanc said...

brilliant stroke!

cube said...


Darrell said...

I'm scared s---less. It feels like a gimmick to me. If this woman doesn't turn out to be a ROCK SOLID conservative I don't think I'm going to vote at all this November. For now I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, but the truth is, anyone other than Romeny worries me.

Of course, if McCain HAD picked Romney, the ticket would have been lopsided.

I'm rambling. I'm nervous and worried and yadda yadda yadda.

nanc said...

i put my reasons down over at z's - guess i should just cut and paste everywhere i go today!

Anonymous said...

One more example that McCain has more guts (and brains too!) than every Deomocrat and 1/3 of the Republicans.

I think the choice is brilliant.

I can't remember a more lopsided contest. The most qualified legislator in the modern era has selected the perfect pick for VP to run against the most unqualified legislator in the U.S. Senate and arguably the most absurd, caricature of another as his V.P. pick.

Obama And Biden are beyond hysterical, they are a cartoon. All that is wrong in this country is represented by these two pathological buffoons.

Obama-Biden represent the cloying, covetous, dishonest, envious, do-nothing-expect-everything petulence that best describes the democrat party parasite today.

Obama has done nothing and has the gall to belittle her experience: Governer of Alaska 2 years, mayor for 8 and a city council member for V.P. versus a rabble rousing race hustler and his pathological liar running mate!


A great day and a great choice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cube,

Sorry I forgot to sign the last post, Obama=FAIL.

Yours truly,


birdwoman said...


She has governor experience, something no one else in this race has.

She has battled strong, old republican families but stayed true to the republican party.

She is a chick, showing that not all republicans are rich, old, white men.

Simply on the face, which so many do not look beyond, this will reach to the moderates more than any other choice could have. It also makes mccain look like he's not an old codger after all. Even if his SSN is 8. (that's his joke, not mine)


WomanHonorThyself said...

lets hope she is a true conservative too!

Eyes said...

I LOVE it! She's the kind of woman that should be admired by the "feminists", if they weren't such rat pack of whiners....

Steve Harkonnen said...

This maneuver might actually help him get more conservatives to vote for him. She's more energetic and more conservative than he would ever be, so if he kicks the bucket in office, we'll then have a conservative president in the white house.

The irony exists though, over the fact that too bad this isn't the other way around.

Jan said...

I think it is brilliant. I was impressed with her first appearance. Anyone who can run a home with five children and a small town with all the petty politics, never mind a large rambling state has to be effective.

Chuck said...

I think it was brilliant. A woman that can be liked by most women, especially Hill's. A conservative that appeals to moderates. Bidens going to look like a troll next to her on stage. He needed someone young. All VP picks are gimmacks. They're meant to balance the ticket, not be the most qualified available. Plus not picking Romney lets McCain keep up the 'Biden and Hillary didn't support Obama' attacks. I think McCain got something right.

Papa Frank said...

The brilliance of it is already self-evident as the leftard pundits are EVERYWHERE attacking her "lack of experience" which is a wonderful discussion for the Republicans to have front and center on every station. Not only is she a great candidate with an aggressive streak and strong conservative ideals but she is also wonderful bait for the democraps to get roped into having a debate on nothing but experience.

Rita Loca said...


Steve Harkonnen said...

Papa Frank, if any libtard ever tells me she lacks experience, I will remind them of Nobama's lack of experience except BS'ing his way into politics and acting like he's some sort of a know it all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not just happy about voting for Sarah Palin because she is a woman. And I'm not not just happy about voting for Sarah Palin just because she is a Republican.

I'm happy about voting for Sarah Palin because she is one of the first genuine, 100% American, hardworking, intelligent and real politician I get the privilege of casting a vote for. Thank you, John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Being a John Wayne movie fan, I am reminded of a line in the movie Rio Lobo spoken by the character Phillips who was portrayed by Jack Elam of the character Shasta Delaney portrayed by Jennifer O'Neill.

"Well, I'll be a suck-egg mule-! Legs like *that*, and she can *shoot*, too!"

I am a suck-egg mule because I am flabbergasted of the McCain's brilliant pick. And I like the fact she can shoot.

Seriously though, I think her credentials are impeccable. Someone completely outside of the old-boy politics of Washington. Fiscally responsible and willing to take on either party for the benefit of the common good. Something I am overjoyed to see.

I also have to compliment her husband. That boy has impeccable good taste in marrying a woman like like Sarah "Barracuda" Palein.

Great Nickname! Oh, hell yes! She has my vote. As does McCain if for no other reason then making an absolutely incredibly brilliant choice for a VP running mate.

DD2, I 2nd your statement of; "I'm happy about voting for Sarah Palin because she is one of the first genuine, 100% American, hardworking, intelligent and real politician I get the privilege of casting a vote for. Thank you, John McCain."

Wow! I haven't felt this good about the prospects for this country in a long time. This has given me hope that the fire of liberty still will continue to burn and burn brighter.


Shover Robot said...

I'm very Happy with this pick!

I've already heard about all the good things she has done, and she is for drilling!

She is a Strong Woman and Not Weak like the main stream media is going call her, and she'll make Biden look like a big bafoom that he is!

Go Sarah Palin!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you are as plugged in as anybody so you have to be witnessing the unravelling of the democrat/MSM Bulls__t machine.

They are so desperate that they are flailing. Inexperience??? Right wing??? It's a hoot!

I am certain that they are frantically trying to get Mayor Nagin to halt he evacuations of NOLA to deliver, once again, the images of pathetic procrastinators in a flooded toilet, I mean city, so they can recreate the bulls__t they believe worked so well in '05'.

They are beyond treasonous.

McCain has impressed me with his acumen. I now believe he could be a great president.


Anonymous said...


Let me see if I understand the thinking of the typical libtard.

Obobo can haleleujah every spew uttered by Rev Wright for twenty years and we must say nothing. Be tutored (Bong hits with) by Bill Ayers for twenty years and we may say nothing. Pump fists with Farakhan and again, we may say nothing. That would be guilt by association you see.

But Gov. Palin's daughter gets knocked up at 17 and this damns the mother as VP choice?

So a known enemy of this country, Osama Hussein Fatwa khomeini jihad Obobo, is qualified by virtue of teaching ghetto scum how to vote multiple times in as many precincts as possible and he is qualified to be president?

Yet a Governer of a huge state, bordering one nation by land and several others by sea is not. Oh you libtards are a hoot!!!

Democrats you are the enemy. Take up suicide bombing it suits you. Never mind, you can't figure out the math!!! OH!



Brooke said...

I think any other pick would have tolled the death knell.

This is the very best McCain could've done!

cube said...

QQ: I'm not happy about this. I would've much rather Bristol had kept her chromosomes to herself for the next few years at the very minimum. But this is what we have to work with. We must work with it.

Anonymous said...

I am not happy about this either and the leftist, socialist media is working over time for the socialist-democratic party trying to obtain capital on it(I wish they would just drop the democrat part and call themselves what they really are). But his just means, like a great many American families, Republicans and anti-American Demonrat-socialists especially, that they face issues in their own family as well. As best we try to raise our children, they always don't make the decision we would like them to make.

Regardless of what may come, McCain and Palin will still have my vote. If they don't win I am certainly going to be crushed as this country, as a result of the demon-socialist, will no doubt slide into the cess-pool and refuse pile of history. But at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing I have cast a vote for the party that I believe is the only party that still subscribes, more then any other, to the ideals of the the founding fathers of the United States of America. Affirms the value, timelessness and trully supports the Constitution of the United States. I will have cast a vote for the correct side, the right side, the true American side, the side of Liberty, the side of Freedom, the side of true Americans who still cherish it and love it, more then life, if need be.


cube said...

BW: This will in no way change the fact that I will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket.

It has been useful in exposing the liberal bias of the MSM. The way they jumped on this poor child was shameful.

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