Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nasty Harry

Senate Majority Leader Reid: "I can't stand John McCain... "

Well, I can't stand you, Mr. Reid.


Brooke said...

I only wish McCain would LISTEN to this, and STOP "reaching across the aisle" to these hateful morons.

For ONCE, Ried isn't lying!

Oh, and I can't stand him, either.

Shover Robot said...

Reid is such a Idiot! I can't stand him either!

The Merry Widow said...

whinig, stamping his feet and waving clenched fists in the air, pouting and whining somemore...somebody give that toddler a spanking and a nap!


cube said...

brooke: I can't agree more. When will Reps learn that when you "reach across the aisle" most of the times you get back a stump.

Pres. Bush made the same mistake & it earned him no respect from across the aisle.

cube said...

shover: He is an idiot.

tmw: I know what you mean, but the mental picture of Reid getting spanked... it burns!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bag Man Harry is just a cast member in the pantheon of democrat swine in Washington.

It' surprising that by now he hasn't strong armed one of his junior bag man sons to get into the military JAG corps so he can pretend to avoid the rightful scorn of those who abhor traitors. After all he supports the troops! ("The war is lost the surge has failed" Harry Reid, BagMan Las Vegas Nevada June 2007).

By the way the term Bag Man is not merely injected to compare him with the slimy Senator Geery from "The Godfather". It is meant to point out the hopeless corruption of the MSM and 99% of democrats who stand for this vile man as senate majority leader.

I have faith though as Teddy Kennedy now knows there is a God, Maybe reid will know it as well.

Bitterly yours,


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