Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing But The Tooth

Chinese gymnast, Deng Linlin, recently lost a tooth... sounds like the average 16 year old to me.

Besides, everybody knows that the ChiComs don't lie or cheat.

Chinese Women Gymnasts Take Gold, Americans Hint Of Cheating

Another gymnast, He Kexin was reported to be 13 just 9 months ago...

State-media Story Fuels Questions On Gymnast's Age



cary said...

Really, cube - calling into question the truthiness of a country known for it's fairness, and honesty, and kindness to all who live within it's borders...

You should be ashamed.


Brooke said...

How DARE you suggest the Chicoms would cheat!!!

Wooo! Now that we've all had a good laugh...

Of course, no one will demand any proof of age.

cube said...

cary: sarcasm noted.

brooke: if we were to demand proof, we'd get some forged document.

The ChiComs should not have been awarded the Olympics. Period.

jan said...

The gymnasts look like they are only a few years out of Pampers.

I didn't know about the missing tooth, but i hope the Tooth Fairy showed up.

EDGE said...

The Tooth Fairy goes to China????!!!!


Z said...


Cube, did you hear about the beautiful 26 yr old Chinese dancer who leapt in rehearsal and fell 12 days before the Opening Ceremonies? She's paralyzed now but can move her arms a little...nothing in her legs at all. They haven't mentioned it on Chinese TV, apparently. She was so good she'd been chosen to dance the only solo in the ceremonies....what a nightmare. I wanted to blog on it but felt it was too depressing.

cube said...

jan: They don't need the Tooth Fairy -- they've got gold medals. It was reported today that 3 of the gymnasts are underage. I think the age restriction is silly, but unfortunately, it's a rule and it's not fair when all the other countries follow the rules and the host country blatantly breaks them.

edge: I'd make a joke, but I don't want to appear insensitive to the feelings of the thuggish, inhumane ChiComs.

Z: I hadn't heard about it. Of course, the ChiComs won't reveal anything that doesn't show them in the very best light.

I feel bad for the poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Cube,

Please informed be, that no criticalisms are to be made at Peoples Republic of China. Your wastefully enormous, excessively round eyes deceive you. Our athletes are all aged enough to compete against your capitalist pigdogs.

Please to continue buying our crap or we will pose for group photo holding our eyelids vertically to taunt you into further decadance. Then we will stop talking like cartoon Russians.

Queequeg PO

cube said...

QQ: lol!

Oh please, don't call me big round eyes. Anything but that! ;-)

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