Friday, November 07, 2008

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a cat with a special message for all those Republicans who didn't vote on Election Day.

OK, I feel better now.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read that republican turnout dropped 1.3% from 2004 and democrat turnout rose 2.6%. I guess you really showed the GOP a lesson.

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to hear from the Peggy Noonans and David Brooks types how it was us lowly, uncouthe, conservative types that are responsible.

Their approach, you know the one: "Republicans just be just 2/3rds as liberal as the liberals and that is the winning ticket!"

Nevermind giving the left referee privileges over language and initiative concerning what the "Issues" are. Or always reacting to the transgressions of the left by first asking "Should we risk alienating Colin Powell by bringing this up?"

Oh yes, Senator McCain's strategy was brilliant. Worked little better than it worked in 2000!

Who is next? Controversial firebrand Susan Collins ( as first repubublican woman Pres.)? Or maybe Uber decisive and widely loved moderate Chris Shays?

They are ancilary members of the party, not leaders to emulate. Whomever we choose next has to be able speak to the reasons a nation built by individuals for the rights of individuals is ironically the one that best serves the needs of all the people in the most compassionate ways.

They are out there. The key is to find them, get them around the New York and L.A. know-it-alls and career killers who care not at all for conservatism, and out there selling the winning message we know can win.

The one Noonan and Brooks think is dead and the left fears so much they flooded New Hampshire with phonys to vote for McCain in january to defeat.

We have had our three days to bum out.

Now let's start the wave by selling our brand the best way; the hard way; by persuading one person at a time that their future prosperity will never come at the expense of someone else. Rather it comes when we all work, within the bounds of ethics and law, to further our own self interest and skillsets. Every one wins.

Now that is a message that sells because it is true. Lets get on with it.


cube said...

anonymous: I read the numbers and felt the same way I felt during the election of 2006 that gave Pelosi & Reid the majority. That was also a "teach the GOP a lesson" vote.

Hasn't it been a swell two years?

Well, get ready for four more years of the same or worse.

Z said...

Oh, I thought that was obama putting his middle finger to his cheek so pointedly for Hillary and again for McCain weeks later.
Imagine a PRESIDENT who'd do that in public?

VERY pretty kitty......finger or no finger!!!

christian soldier said...

this one brought a much needed smile...thanks..
we are in for a loooooong four years..

Anonymous said...

That cat pretty well sums up how I'm feeling about the whole business.

MK said...

LOL, good one