Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Red And The Blue

Found this photo via:

Vermin Inc's Flickr Photostream

and I think it is illustrative of the election... too little red falling into a sea of blue.

I'm taking a philosophical stance on the matter. It is what it is and there's no changing it. I survived one Carter and two Clinton administrations. I will survive this one too.

One thing to keep in mind, Barack Hussein Obama, is that Americans are going to be watching your actions closely, so don't screw up.

After all, you wouldn't want those of us on the red side of the political spectrum to show you the same level of respect that those on the blue side showed to President Bush.

I'm just sayin...


jan said...

I'm feeling Carter deja vous. What are the words to Kumbaya?

Brooke said...

I hope Obama is a good president; I want this country to do well.


Ducky's here said...

If he screws up as badly as George "Zippy the Pinhead" Bush then the left is going to be screaming right along with you.

Of course we are expecting a little sabotage from some of our right wing brethren but that's normal.

cary said...

You know he's going to be under a very powerful microscope for the next four years...

Jungle Mom said...

Wouldn't you know it! ducky has already planned ahead for his scapegoat for the inevitable failing of Obama.

cube said...

jan: Some of these Obama-voting
whippersnappers never lived through the malaise of the Carter years. Unfortunately, they never bothered to learn just how bad it was. What's the old saying, if you don't study history you are bound to repeat it.

brooke: I hope so too. Unlike the left, we love our country too much to wish it harm just to prove a political point.

ducky: Much of the opprobrium heaped upon President Bush was unwarranted, but unlike you lefties, I'm not going to attack Obama unless he deserves it.

I've got my eye on you, Barry Hussein Obama.

cube said...

cary: Oh yeah, we'll be watching and our side will probably be way fairer to him than the left was to President Bush.

jungle mom: CYA. I'm not surprised.

Jay said...

I bet within six months the Obamabots won't recognize who they put into office.

BeckEye said...

Don't we always keep a close eye on every president? Obama is no different. He has a lot of promises to live up to, as they all have. But I'm finally approaching this presidency differently than I usually approach all things political - with cautious optimism rather than total cynicism.

I voted for Bush the first time around. Plenty of us Americans did. Plenty of us on both sides gave Bush a fair shot. Especially on that awful day 7 years ago. But he told lies, unraveled, and took us all down with him. I don't think Barack could do anything to screw up as badly as Bush has. But if by small chance he does, he won't get a pass.

Ken Albin said...

I've found that Presidents are usually never as bad as people fear they will be or as good as some people expect them to be.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love the idea of the colors in the photo Cube..well done.:)

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Jamie Dawn said...

What's done is done.
I truly expected McCain to win, so I was disappointed.
Now we move on.
We move forward.
President Obama has a lot on his plate, and he has many promises to keep.
I will pray for him and for our nation.
Bush was treated despicably.
Obama will not be treated with that kind of hatred nor should he be.
He will, however, be expected to fulfill his promises.
The nation will be watching and hoping for change that is good, not harmful.

dmarks said...

Beckeye: We all watched Bush unravel, but he was rather truthful. Especially compared to Clinton.

Anonymous said...


While it is no secret I voted and supported President Bush, my support for McCain was not as strenuous. I have no love for Mr. Obama but he is now my Commander in Chief. Not the first time I felt I knew more about which end of the tube the round exits than the C.O.!

As to the Lies Bush told: I love it when, on those rare occasions someone brings this up subject, I ask the accuser "what lies?"

Invariably, unfailingly, without exception, the "lies" are simply conjecture, venting, rumor or just good ole vitriolic ranting!

So, as I say to the few who dare say it in public; Do tell!

Can't wait to hear the reactions of Ducky and Beckeye when the Obama brown shirts come a kickin in the doors of "enemies" and such!

What do you think that civilian defense corps is all about?

Litter collection???

Anonymous said...

Cube, That last was me!


BeckEye said...

Well, QueeQueg, regarding Bush's lies, we could go through the song and dance of me saying that his administration wanted to get Saddam out of Iraq well before 9/11, and they used 9/11 and the phantom WMDs as justification to invade, and then you could say that I've been brainwashed by the MSM. I could say that it's ridiculous how Bush keeps going on about how we're "winning" the war on terror, when we're puttering around in Iraq, pissing more people off, while Bin Laden is out there somewhere doing who knows what who knows where. And then you'll say...well, I don't know what you'll say. Frankly, I don't care. If you want to believe Bush is a great guy and has been completely truthful about everything during his presidency, and that this war in Iraq is good and justified, you go right ahead believing that. I don't.

Politics is a liar's game, but some are worse than others. I'm just hoping that Obama turns out to be the change that we're hoping for and that we need. I certainly don't think he's the Messiah, but I'm not sitting here waiting for him to screw up, either.

Anonymous said...


How silly of me. I forgot ( or refuse to learn! guess I'm a candidate for "RE-EDUCATION") that this country now vehemently stands for the parasites.

In the only land in the history of mankind where the slightest effort and just a little restraint, enables one to be more prosperous than ONE HALF of the worlds population.

Rather than do that however, we enjoy illegal drugs, irresponsible behavior, redefine words with meanings that are inconvenient and demand that the ever dwindling ranks of the productive provide luxuries to the loafers.

Sorry Beck-eye but I am too uneducated to understand your sophisticated take on the world and our place in it.

A lie repeated often enough is not truth. Nor are dozens. Bush/McCain policies???

Just what did Saddam use to kill all those Shiites and Iranians? Deodorant? Why do I bother?

Just keep us posted as your elastic sense of propriety allows the sophisticates you so admire to roll back the law and trample our rights in order to provide the "change" we deserve! Comrade


BeckEye said...

Good Lord. I can't believe I was suckered into answering you, QueeQueg. But that's all I did. I said you can believe what you want to believe, I just don't happen to agree with you. Neither do millions of other people. But I guess we're all a bunch of commie crackheads, so what would you expect?

Do you have your own blog? I'm assuming you don't, since you never link to anything. Clearly there is nothing you like more than hearing yourself talk (or reading your own words), so if you have so much to say, why don't you do it on your own forum?

Anonymous said...

Because I'm so busy working in order to provide for my family (sorry, my wife is female! Guess that is a problem too!) and all the loafers and whiners who don't!

But since everything will soon be free, I guess I can kick back and open my own blog where I can equate every little inconvenience and disappointment with the greatest wrongs ever done to man!

Unlike the traitors who actively undermined our current president, I will avail myself of every legal means to change this regime in the coming elections. In this case a simple "I told you so" should suffice.

Lord knows I can't expect any help from non-taxpaying (FICA aint taxes comrades!), stolen goods buying, gay marriage advocating, euthanasia justifying, baby killing redefining, duty shirking weasels who expect others to provide for them.

I'm a loner dotty, a rebel, Heh, heh

BeckEye said...


I don't want to hijack Cube's comment section for useless bickering. One of the reasons I read her blog is because she has strong opinions, but still has respect for others' points of view. (Crazy concept, eh??)

So here is my final response to you. I can't waste any more time on this. I could be out there killing babies and old people and shooting heroin in my eyeballs. Fun stuff like that.

I can't figure out if you are actually for real, or you're just one of those sad people who trolls the Internet, looking to stir up trouble with your vitriol. I guess it doesn't really matter either way. I don't understand why you're so full of hate for much of the human race. You sit on your high horse, casting stones and making sweeping generalizations about people you would never even condescend to speak to, let alone try to understand or empathize with. I bet you call yourself a Christian, too? If so, there must be some pages missing from my Bible. Like, most of the New Testament.

But maybe I should try to empathize with you more. I mean, I can only imagine how tough you must have it, being a straight, white male in this country. And you have to WORK for a living? Wow. How special. No one else has ever had a job before. You deserve a cookie for that. Really.

cube said...

beckeye: Don't worry. I'm highly amused by you & QQ's spirited exchange.