Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama bin Biden

Ego And Mouth

Thomas Sowell has Obama's number... and Joe Biden's as well.


jan said...

Love Thomas Sowell, totally on target here.

Jungle Mom said...

Obama is a narcissist.

Jen said...

Scary, scary, scary.

Anonymous said...

Well Cube,

It has pretty much all been said.

From comaprisons to Guadalcanal to exhaustive , yet largely ignored, research into the background of this profoundly unqualified charlatan. I have tried to persuade people that victory comes hard, long and uncertain on one hand, while being perplexed as to why this is even close!

Sowell's column captures the essence of this climactic moment in our experiment as a republic.

The lure of free stuff is too great for the lazy to resist. Stupidity, gullibility and timidity are no longer a barrier to prosperity in our nation.

Where scumbag lawyers and collaborating "jouranlists" torture logic and suppress the truth to achieve their own career objectives pretending to "serve" or "make a difference" at the expense of justice, liberty and the truth.

Every election since 1964 has been progressively dichotimous between the republicans and the democrats. As the democrats have trended more and more toward outright socialism and have structured their constituancies to grow while the republicans have trusted history to be fair and claim to have faith in the inteligence of the American people.

Sadly, the American people have become permanently bisected and the trend may have passed the threshold beyond which we can recover. If so, self reliance will be forever condemned as immoral, illegal, selfishness by a growing majority of aquisitive slackers angry that they didn't get their "fair share".

An Obama vitory, in my opinion, means the end of the first age of the American experiment. The constitution will be forever changed by the courts-no conventions will be necessary or tolerated.

The election in two years will be heavily corrupted to favor Obama accolites. Media. already hoplessly corrupt, will be augmented by massive suppression of dissent by means of Orwellian cliched laws like "fairness Doctrine" and "Worker choice" union balloting. Ballots will be cast by default for democrats requiring othes to publicly change their vote if they dare.

Firearms will be confiscated, not registered or limited. Homes will be taken by fiat and given to people "more deserving." People will be taken into custody and held without charge. This will occur without the crocodile tears shed by "reporters" for terrorists during the last 7 years of GWOT. People will be "re-educated" , imprisoned or worse with out a peep of protest by the new elite class of celebrity propagandists.

This while timid republicans utter platitudes like; "this too shall pass" or "Blacks needed this affirmation to compensate their suffering" or other empty surrender vessels.

The saddest thing is that once it is gone it is gone forever.

The world will not long remember what caused the disaster of post Americanism. War and pestilence will follow as Obama dither's indecisively. While the former campus radicals he appoints scramble to to deal with the unintended consequences of outlawing competence, prudence, experience and the necessity of dealing in facts, the other mad tyrants of the world will take what is "Their's". And the parasites who voted for Obama will be even angrier: their outburst will be Rwandan in violence and massive in scale.

If I was a more profound believer in the Lord's mercy, I might be more sanguine about what may be coming if Obama wins Tuesday. As I have children, I tend not to be too meta-physical about things like "the end of times."

I guess I naively wish my girls to have at least what I have enjoyed while this country was still free.

There is nothing to obstruct Obama's megalomania today. Reid, Pelosi, and the MSM are in service to the new Global Socialist cabal and nothing exists to veto their madness and excess but our begging.

Americans will have to beg for their mercy.

We have one chance to stop it.

Please vote for Senator McCain.

cube said...

jan: I've enjoyed Sowell's writing for a long time. He hits the spot and often.

jungle mom: I agree. The arrogance of the man is just despicable. He's had the skids greased for him all of his life and he expects to slide into the US presidency? I
fervently hope he falls flat on his face come Tuesday.

cube said...

QQ: Dude, you are bumming me out big time with your post. I know it looks a bit bleak, but we haven't lost the election yet.

The folks that bring us these dire polls are the very same people who are generating said polls and the same ones who have been reporting the news we've seen every day for decades. They've been snowing us for years.

Keep the faith, QQ. I hope you are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Papa Frank said...

We must DESTROY this notion of us begging for mercy. The government is there to serve OUR interests and when it has ceased to do so and has recorded a number of abuses against us we must hit the reset button. I, for one, will NEVER beg for mercy from the government but will stand and fight if need be. All should be ready to do the same long before they talk of begging for mercy. Although our Constitution is being destroyed little by little we must always remember the words of our Declaration of Independence that led to the forming of our Constitution.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I didn't sign my last post. I guess I bummed myself out too much to remember! Funny how you knew it was me!!!

To you, Papa Frank and any others I apologize for the lengthy "Atlas Shrugged" synopsis but that is one posible path I see if "he" wins.

I too hope I am WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

I love your blog and will always be a big fan.