Friday, August 07, 2009

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a teacher cat who wants silence in the class while he grades Obama...

No Laughing!
No Gum Chewing!
No Passing Notes!
No Cell Phones!

Happy Friday everybody!


Ananda girl said...

hahahahaha I love this guy's face!
So very teacher like.

crazy4coens said...

that cat does look very serious - he reminds me of somebody...can't quite place who - i stole your idea BTW and ruined it :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey teach, have you found a birth certificate in obama's papers?


cube said...

Ananda Girl: I know I would find it hard to keep a straight face in this cat's class ;-)

crazy4coens: This cat reminds me of a game my daughter & I play where we strive to keep a straight face while we say, "This is a very serious game."

You keep saying the words however you want (a British accent a la Monty Python can be quite effective) until someone laughs.

BTW you can't steal that which is freely given.

Lee: I hear you. I don't know why BO can't make his birth certificate part of the public record. A certificate of live birth just isn't the same thing.

crazy4coens said...

cube - thank you so much for the free gift!

Always On Watch said...


That cat's face reminds me of the pose a teacher has to assume for at least the first month of school (junior high).