Tuesday, August 25, 2009

National Day Of Service?

Obama's Plan To Desecrate 9/11

BO just wants to help change 9/11 from a day of remembrance into a day of national service, you know, something "positive," "forward-leaning," and "productive."

Look at just a few of organizations that support the change:

- Rev. Lennox Yeargood, President of the Hip Hop Caucus
- Color of Change
- Apollo Alliance
- Community Action Partnership
- Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
- 80 Million Strong for Young American Jobs
- Friends of the Earth
- Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
- Mobilize.org
- National Black Police Association
- National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
- National Council of Negro Women
- National Wildlife Federation
- RainbowPUSH Coalition
- Urban League
- Young Democrats of America.

Yeah, right. Just a little change from "Never Forget" to "Fail To Remember".


What will you be doing on 9/11?


jan said...

I'm just glad it isn't proposed as a national day of forgiveness. Or maybe it is.

Brooke said...

A 'National Day of Service'?

WIll this include appeasement to Muslims?


Ananda girl said...

That's my friend, Karen's birthday... what a terrible day to have one. Sigh. I know that I will never forget that. I woke up just after the first plane crashed and then watched in horror as the second one crashed... live. Nope. I can never forget that.

cube said...

Jan: I think the order is for us to first forget and then they can start on the forgiveness part.

Brooke: I have nothing against people doing public service if they want to, but BO has 364 days of the year in which to declare it -- not 9/11. I do believe he has ulterior motives.

Chuck said...

Well, this pissed me off.

I think the problem is Obama does not want to reflect poorly on Muslims.

In answer to what I will be doing on 9/11, I will probably now spend part of the day being pissed at Obama.

cube said...

Chuck: I think BO has problems with his American-hood. Whether he was born in this country or not, he does not act like he strives
to uphold the basic tenants
that the Founding Fathers put into place because he is sorely lacking in this regard.

Gosh, sometimes (OK, most of the time) I think that BO may have skipped some vital American History classes along the way while he was focusing on the Commie-Is-Best Route that his many advisors advised him was the proper way. And he has had many commie/radical/activist advisors along the affirmative action way.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

That's just great -- "community organizers" providing the leadership to the the lame-brain notion of re-inventing 9/11.

Well, you know what? Good luck to them, because average Americans all over this great nation are not going to let that happen!

cube said...

Ananda Girl: I can relate. My wedding anniversary is 9/10 and,
honestly, our celebrations have
never been as joyous as they were before 2001.

Pasadena Closet Conservative: I get it. Most Americans will recoil in horror at the notion.

But me, I say bad luck to this underhanded lefty scheme to turn 9/11 into some quasi ethnic/environmental holiday that will make us forget that it was the day that islamofacists slammed airplanes into America.

I hope this nutty schme bites them in the a$$.

Anonymous said...

national day of crap.


DaBlade said...

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Always On Watch said...


I've said all along that the left would do ANYTHING to try to erase the people's memory of 9/11.

Tracie said...

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! This is a prime example of how much Obama HATES America and Americans. I watched the 9/11-08 rememberance on t.v., during the election campaign, Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama walk up to the Reflecting Pool, McCain kneels down to loving place a wreath in the water, stands solemnly to pay respect, then turns to walk away.
Obama walks to the Reflecting Pool, tosses HIS wreath into the water, and abruptly turns to walk away, all the while watching to see who was looking as he disrespected the dead. THAT told me right there, HE DOESN'T CARE!!!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Regardless what Obama says or enacts on 9/11, it won't matter to me.

They cannot remove the anguish I go through every year over the loss of my friends at the Pentagon.

They cannot remove my hatred of that religion of peace.

They cannot undo the tears and the pain I've been through since this happened.

They cannot delete what I have learned about Islam and how grossly intolerant and inhuman it is.

Whenever someone claims that Islam is a religion of peace (that came from Bush) I instantly lose all respect for them.

So, what will I do on 9/11? I will go to work and refrain from all media sources as usual. This helps keep my mind from it.

But I will never ever forget what happened.

Nor will I ever forget the mistakes we have made whenever our country tries to be tolerant and patient over Islam.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what can we expect from a Musssssssslim president though...its a horror Cube!

CrazyBunnyLady said...

People give money to charity as rememberence. This is just giving time as rememberence.

dmarks said...

There is a lot of big money being made by the groups on the list. Money that goes to make the people running them rich, and if we are lucky they might let crumbs drop to the poor.

RightKlik said...

I hereby declare August 4 "Stupid Naked Emperor Day". If that date coincides with the birthday of any U.S. President, it's purely coincidental.

birdwoman said...

I will be in class most of the day, but my mind will be, like most americans', in the past.

we will never forget. not even if we are commanded to.


n said...

Detroit Red Wings training camp is probably on that day again.

Brenda Jean said...

On 9/11 I can say I will NOT be calling it a National Day of Service, no matter if Obama calls it that or not. Idiots.

Nicole said...

Because what we do to commemorate Memorial Day and Labor Day are all honoring the service of others.

Because on Veterans Day, the general population goes out of their way to shake a vets hand or say thank you. When was the last time you observed the moment of silence without being reminded?

National Day of service? Sounds like a better idea then yet another cook out.

cube said...

This is akin to Pearl Harbor Day going from a day of infamy to a day of service in 1949, a mere 8 years from the attack.

Maybe when the global war on terror winds down in the fullness of time I may rethink my position, but only if it were to include a fair measure of patriotism and the celebration of freedom.

As it stands right now, BO can
keep his liberal quasi ethnic/environment crap. I'm not buying it.