Wednesday, August 12, 2009


At first, I couldn't believe I heard what I thought I heard BO say in defense of Obamacare... and then I considered the source.

Heh heh.

"I mean, if you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right? No, they are. It's the post office that's always having problems." -- Barack Obama

The President and the Postal Service

Who needs a vast right wing conspiracy when BO is adept at single-handedly shooting down his single payer government-run health plan?

Heh heh.

BTW I ran across a busy blog that specializes in Obama's Gaffes, Lies, Broken Promises & Exaggerations! Blog

It's worth a laugh or three.


Anonymous said...

And biden gets credit for being the gaffemaster of this duo. Well he is but not by much.


jan said...

I remember bumper stickers from Hillary-care days: "If you like the post office, you'll love government health care."

He is just removed from reality.

cube said...

Lee: They are the dynamic duo of gaffes.

Jan: BO breathes a rarified air that the proletariats don't get to whiff.

I can't wait to see how the MSM contorts itself to put the most postive spin they can on this one.

birdwoman said...

I am so stupid. It took Jan's comment to make me understand what you were saying.

And I'm not stupid. I'm actually average->smart.

So the average american won't see this at all. They'll be like "health care is like fedex or ups! I like getting packages! Hey, nice flower!"

cube said...

birdwoman: I suppose I should thank Jan ;-)

nanc said...


Z said...

Cube, glad you heard that, too. It froze me in my tracks. ..PERFECT reason NOT to have GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED ANYTHING, right?
I'd love to have seen Robt Gibbs' face when he heard that "IS HE OFF TELEPROMPTER AGAIN!!!! OH, my GOSH!"

Or "He's PERFECT, Americans won't catch on" Ya, that's probably Gibbs.

(got a kitty picture you might like..come check it out!xx)

Chuck said...

I knew it would only be a matter of time before TOTUS would turn on him.

I saw this quote, ringing endorsement.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

When I heard it on the radio I threw a fit right there in front of everybody else sharing the road with me!

DaBlade said...

This gaffe is so good. I love it when BO goes off script like this and states our case for us against him. When you spread the logic around, it's good for everybody, right?

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