Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Credit Where Due

I ran across this short but excellent article from C. Edmund Wright from The American Thinker:

OBL's Death A Victory For The Adults

This line sums it up nicely...

"They [liberals] are trying to take credit for a win in a war they never acknowledged with tactics they openly hate."

Would OBL be feeding the fishes were it not for the actions of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld? I think not.

In closing, from gdaddytejas, comes a new drink to try in celebration:

It's called the "Bin Laden"

2 shots and a splash of water




Z said...

Love the drink recipe :-)

Ya, Yahoo homepage has been running your picture since they got it...hoping to show how SERIOUS and ADULT Obama is on this.
I have to admit I think the experts might be right in saying he took a risk with this (sort of Carter-Iran-esque) endeavor and that took guts, but I believe those SEALS probably feel this was for BUSH........what was it? "We HEAR You and YOU're going to HEAR US?" Something like that.
I think Osama did hear it...finally.

Jan said...

The children vs. adults dichotomy is brilliant, simple, but not simplistic.

cube said...

Z: I saw this photo yesterday on Drudge, but had to search for it today. IMO, I find BO as the smallest presence in that room with the exception of the woman in the very back trying to get a peek at the screen. BO looks diminished and not at all at the center of the operation.

cube said...

Jan: The entire article was brilliant and definitely not something you will find in the MSM.

Always On Watch said...

Excellent article!

Thank you for sharing this find with us.

Chuck said...

Bush is getting his due. The left will not give it but piss on them. At least some of his staff and GOP members of Congress are stepping up.

Patrick Carroll said...

Yes, President OH-BLAH-BLAH was very quick and more than happy to take the credit for this one wasn't he?

Bd said...

Bush let him go. Obama got him. Deal.