Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy's Heart

Crowley Validates Obama Libya Lie: Bozell Demands Media Investigate Media Cover-Up

So predictable.


Leticia said...

Both lied and the crowd cheered.

Did you count how many times that woman interrupted Romney? It was 28 times!!

He was debating against both of them. And yet, he did awesome. The facts speak for themselves.

cube said...

Amazing turn of events. I read that Candy admitted AFTER the debate that Romney was right. Thanks for nothing Candy.

Brooke said...

For the life of me, I cannot understand why GOP candidates agree to all debates having a leftist moderator.

Crowley sure did take the cake, didn't she. She may as well have had an Obama bumper sticker on her backside!

cube said...

Brooke: I can't either. It happens every time.

Candy not only took the cake, she devoured every morsel of it and then licked her fingers.

Lol at your bumper sticker remark. Yes, here's a long one, but Candy can handle it:

"I vote with my lady parts and not my smarty parts." Kudos to Michelle Malkin whom I am paraphrasing.