Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Humor


Happy Halloween!

[The BLOG note: Hat tip to my sister, V, for emailing these to me.]


sue hanes said...

Cube - These Halloween cartoons are hilarious. Did you know the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter?

I used to love candy corn....but no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Happy Halloween - Cube.
Are you dressing up like a mad

cube said...

Thanks for that bit of presidential history trivia. I didn't know.

My daughter just bought a whole bag of candy corn... don't know how she's going to feel about it after she sees that comic.

I have been a mad scientist before. Last year I was Spock. This year I may go back to being Darth Vader. All I have to do is stand there and it scares kids and some parents.

sue hanes said...

Cube - Ha! My son-in-law has a Darth Vadar costume and it is one of the best. No wonder they were scared.

I hope you enjoy the evening. I'm curious to see how many little monsters we get in the new neighborhood.

Have a good one. (Have you ever considered Frankenstein? :])

Jan said...

I'm glad I don't like candy corn, I doubt if I could eat it again.

Chuck said...

Funny. I had to sit at home tonight - I'm on call for the cath lab. My wife went out with our daughter.

Z said...

Boy, that just did it for me with candy CORN!! eeeoooo!!

That reminds me, I snatched a candy bar from school today; need to go eat that now !:-)

DaBlade said...

Cold and rainy in the mitten state last night. Lots of extra candy for the Chattering Teeth around this house but not a candy corn in site!