Tuesday, December 08, 2015

No Culo Faces Allowed

The word 'culo' [koo-loh] in Spanish means ass and it doesn't refer to your donkey sidekick.

The above people have culo faces. Look at them... angry, bitter, nasty.

Trump: 'We're At War – Get It Through Your Head'

If you find our ways and our laws so offensive, why are you even here?


LL said...

They are here to kill us. That's all.

Otherwise, she would have stayed in their fetid hell in the Middle East.

Sayeed is a third generation American. And his mother is a co-conspirator in mass murder, terrorism and treason. I hope that a jury can find her guilty and that the Federal Court will order her execution.

Maybe that will send the right message. If you hate us, leave us. There are plenty of unwashed in Syria and Iraq that you can mingle with. Maybe they can go to Chad. I hear that they need goat herders.

Jan said...

I'm not surprised that every day we learn more about this pair of savages. Seems she is not just a simple housewife and mother and they both gave indications that they should have been investigated.

cube said...

LL: It's what you said. They're here to kill us. Period.

Sandee said...

One Muslim here is two too many. That simple.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

messymimi said...

Some are here because they don't want to be under Sharia law any more than we do. Some are here because they believe they are supposed to force everyone to live under Sharia law or die. My next door neighbors are the first kind, these people the second.

Kid said...

Exactly Cube. And do they think they can destroy the USA? What exactly did these two dipsticks think they'd accomplish? Sure they ruined the lives of maybe a couple hundred people including friends and family of the victims. Otherwise they haven't put a dent in the USA.

3 entire countries tried to destroy England during WWII and look what happened. Eventually we will get someone in the white house with a brain, and the fan gonna get dirty.

Anyway, from reading the comments above, I don't trust a single one of them. Well over 50% of them freely admit that support sharia in America. The koran is a blueprint for sadistic conquest. It's what these vermin have been up to the last 1400 years. If they're not trying to kill you they are working to breed you out and take over.

Granny Annie said...

I try so hard to openly stay out of these issues but this time I must speak. She desperately needs some help with her eyebrows!

cube said...

Jan: If I could go back in time, I'd tell this woman with-a-fake name that there is a SuperCuts around the corner.

cube said...

Sandee: It is too much to expect the the people in this country to love this country? Am I crazy to posit this question.

If you don't love our country and you don't love our laws, then LEAVE... nobody is stopping you.

cube said...

Messymimi: At university I went to school with a moslem woman who was in my Cell Biology class. She was very nice and I enjoyed her company very much, but the stories I heard about her husband were enough to make me want to call the police. She never did.

I don't know what causes this kind of savagery, but I do know that we don't want it here.

cube said...

KId; I can't believe that anyone who wants sharia law would reside in this country? Period. Why are you even here? Go live in your goat F*****g country if that's what you want.

cube said...

Granny Annie: You beat me to it. Yes, the eyebrows... and the rest of her face.

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