Friday, April 29, 2005

Annals Of Annoying Commercials

I hate the Nazonex bee commercials. What kind of Eurotrash accent is he speaking?

Worst of all...
the Nasonex bee bears a freakish resemblance to Brooke Adams

Am I the only one who sees this?


tlm said...

Yeah, I can see a bit of resemblance.

I think it looks a lot like Helen Gurley Brown (who is quite hot considering she's 186 years old.)

SeniorGato said...

In retrospect, your absolutely right... What is with that nasonex bee? It's a little like watching Telemundo and watching the old US Army commercials and thinking how poorly done it is... Then realizing that you used to think that was Soooo cool five years ago...

Anonymous said...

You're right. Why are they subjecting us to that nasty Eurotrash bee anyway? It's not like it's funny or cute.

Hastur of the Frozen Wastes said...

The Nasonex bee is, surprisingly, voiced by Antonio Banderas.

It's the animation and character design that's so reprehensible... It sucks in the worst possible way.

cube said...

hastur: Banderas? No way. You're kidding. I thought it was the son of the guy who did the original Pepe Le Pew ;-)

Jess said...

I just wrote about it in my blog.
because i just saw a commercial
and they've changed it AHAHAHA.
They've softened it. 'babied' it up. The old one I was so disgusted.
I couldn't beleive how people could
put it up on tv to represent their brand.
(i'm a random vistor=)