Monday, April 11, 2005

BBC Out Of Touch.

Another sign of MSM slippage:

In an email recently sent to the Bob Marley Foundation, the BBC asked to interview reggae star Bob Marley for a documentary on his hit song "No Woman Can Cry", reports

The BBC said the interview would would involve the Jamaican reggae legend "spending one or two days with us," and added, "it would only work with some participation from Bob Marley himself."

Unbekownst to the BBC, Bob Marley died of cancer 24 years ago! The BBC has admitted to being "very embarassed" about the incident and has apologized to the Marley Foundation.

The BBC quickly cancelled plans for its upcoming concert,"A Gala Rocking Extravaganza" starring rockers Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, Jimmy Hendrix, & Neil Young. Apologies have also been issued to the Joplin Foundation, the Mercury Foundation, the Hendrix Foundation, and Neil Young, who's career is on life-support, but who, as far as everyone knows, is still very much alive.

Earth to BBC.


Manjusha said...

Whatha...? Huh? Don't tell me its April Fool's day all over again!

dom said...

Great gig !!Keith Moon on drums,Mama Cass backing vocals.. Keith Richard.. ok he just looks dead !

cube said...

The BBC's utter lack of facts RE: Bob Marley is absolutely true. It was mentioned in the local paper on 4/3/05.

The paragraph about the Gala Rocking Extravaganza is just another example of the satire that stems from my warped & twisted sense of humor.


patina said...

i saw bob marley at the farmer's market downtown Watsonville just last month. he was there, man. i could even feel his vibes when he walked past the cherry tomatoes.


cube said...

patina: sure, dude. No doubt ;-)