Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mentos Trek

OK, all Mentos ads are silly... even when they involve Trek.


cube said...

Turn down the volume unless you want that darned Mentos song in your head for the next 3 days.

You've been warned.

Caz said...

No, not doing it for me; still have no urge to buy Mentos.

Trudging said...

Thanks, that is going to take a few years to leave my head(-: Thanks much for stopping by my Blog!

cube said...

Just don't have diet Coke with your Mentos. It'll make a party in your mouth.

Trinity13 said...

Ha, that was great...I love me some Star Trek that leaves a fresh, mint taste in my mouth!

Brooke said...


Too good.

I could've done without the Shat, though. ;)

cube said...

I love the Shatman!

Anonymous said...

I also tried it in my garden .My record is 2 meters ..