Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Liberal Bias

For one glimpse into the difference between how Democratics and Republicans treat their child abusers, see Debbie Schlussel's excellent post about liberal democratic Congressman Mel Reynolds Worse Than Mark Foley: Pardoned By Clinton .

Reynold's case was a problem for the courts. Foley's case is the crash and burn, apocalyptic end of the Republican party?

Sheesh, talk about hypocrisy.


Brooke said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there another one named Stubbs, who continued on with his career until he retired in '96? And didn't he receive THREE standing ovations in Congress the very next session after he was outed?


cube said...

You are correct, madam! I just wanted to highlight a lowlife that I hadn't seen brought to the media's attention.

Karen said...

What's so outrageous to people about Foley is the bushies profess to be such Christians but are actually playing with their own *cigars* under the table.

cube said...

karen: Republicans are not immune from human frailties. But one big
difference between the parties is that our side punishes inappropriate behavior instead of condoning it. Foley resigned, unlike Kennedy, Reynolds, Clinton, Stubbs, Jefferson, for starters.

You really should read more diverse material. It will improve your grasp of the facts.

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