Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No More Exploding Mohammeds

More capitulation to the moslems... this time in Spain and it's celebration of the "Reconquista", the 1492 overthrow of 700 years of moslem rule by Chrisitans.

Spaniards tone down exploding Mohammed at fiestas .

One line in the article gave me some hope that not all hope is lost in Bocairent, "The village may not have blown up the wood-and-cardboard Mohammed dummy this year -- but it still threw it off a castle wall at the fiesta's climax in February."

[The BLOG note: hat tip to Little Green Footballs" ]


WomanHonorThyself said...

YUP...but we can still produce porn and humiliate women and Christians and Jews...just dont u dare snub a Muzlim b/c if u may be the last thing u do!

Brooke said...

Geez... Why not just re-name the continent al-Andusala while they're at it?

cube said...

Why are we getting away from that
old comedy standard skit... "he blowed up good". Darn that old PC police!

Caz said...

So, they missed out on blowing anything up, but hey, I've really missed seeing stuff being thrown off castle walls (ah, the good old days).

cube said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Mohammed pinatas for birthdays ;-)

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